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Future Songs of the Day

Time Bandits

From the album Time Bandits
By John Bailey
On Freedom Road Records
Coming on December 2 | Listens: 1,111

Implicit Attitude

From the album A Thousand Pebbles
By Ben Rosenblum
On Self Produced
Coming on December 3 | Listens: 999

South Shore

From the album The Way To You
By Sara Caswell
On Anzic Records
Coming on December 4 | Listens: 1,426

Jackie's Idea

From the album Denver Sessions
By Dave Askren
On Tapestry Records
Coming on December 5 | Listens: 1,046

Meridian 63

From the album Home Is Here
By Felipe Salles
On Tapestry Records
Coming on December 6 | Listens: 1,716


From the album After|Life
By Brian McCarthy
On Truth Revolution Recording Collective
Coming on December 7 | Listens: 2,756

La Flor de la Canela

From the album Femininas
By Edward Simon
On ArtistShare
Coming on December 8 | Listens: 3,810


From the album Open Spaces
By Daniel Hersog
On Cellar Music
Coming on December 9 | Listens: 2,301

Soul Witness

From the album Through the Lens
By Falkner Evans
On Consolidated Artists Productions
Coming on December 10 | Listens: 1,073


From the album Timeless
By Adam Rudolph
On Meta Records
Coming on December 11 | Listens: 40

Suite Para Todos

From the album Canto
By Susan Alcorn
On Relative Pitch Records
Coming on December 12 | Listens: 17

Metropolitan Musings (Them Streets Again)

From the album Undaunted
By Lafayette Gilchrist
On Morphius Records
Coming on December 13 | Listens: 29

Nighttime Creatures

From the album Nighttime Creatures
By Angelica Sanchez
On Pyroclastic Records
Coming on December 14 | Listens: 52

Frozen in Profile

From the album The Depths of Memory
By Kevin Sun
On Endectomorph Music
Coming on December 15 | Listens: 41

Pastor's Paradox

From the album Pastor's Paradox
By Aruán Ortiz
On Clean Feed Records
Coming on December 16 | Listens: 39


From the album Hibiki
By Satoko Fujii
On Jazzdor Series
Coming on December 17 | Listens: 22

La Tarabita

From the album La Tarabita
By Angelo Pagliuca-Mena
On Self Produced
Coming on December 18 | Listens: 32

Never Let Me Go

From the album With Peter Bradley
By Javon Jackson
On Palmetto Records
Coming on December 19 | Listens: 3,379

Etude V

From the album C​ó​dices
By Daniel Reyes Llinás
On 7D Media
Coming on December 20 | Listens: 37

Muted Song

From the album Confluence
By Philippe Cote
On Odd Sound Records
Coming on December 21 | Listens: 48

Mood Indigo

From the album Harlem Beats
By Lucia Fodde
On Timezone Records
Coming on December 22 | Listens: 43


From the album Cloud Bowling With Claude Bolling: Music For Tuba And Jazz Trio
By Jim Shearer
On Summit Records
Coming on December 23 | Listens: 29

Birds of Agamon Hula

From the album The Victorious Sessions
By Negative Press Project
On Ridgeway Records
Coming on December 24 | Listens: 12


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