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Barbara Carroll: Barbara’s Piano

Read "Barbara Carroll: Barbara’s Piano" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Every record is a moment in time, but also a musical portrait of the artist who creates it. When Barbara Carroll released the Verve album, Barbara, in 1958, it would mark a watershed moment in her personal and musical life. Her husband and close collaborator, bassist Joe Shulman, died of a heart attack the same year at 33. This was one of their last sessions together. Shulman began playing in Carroll's trio in 1949, and they married in 1954. Recorded ...


Album Review

Dan Olivo: Day by Day

Read "Day by Day" reviewed by Richard J Salvucci

“Hey there, cutes, Put on your dancin' boots, And come dance with me." Frank Sinatra could get away with that and much more because he had a great voice, great musicians, great arrangers, and great bandleaders. The entire package. Frank defined a certain kind of 1950s and 1960s Vegas hip, and if you had a problem with it, too bad. He influenced a lot of singers and players, and once he was gone, there were no ...


Radio & Podcasts

'80s music with John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Joe Zawinul, plus new releases

Read "'80s music with John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, Joe Zawinul, plus new releases" reviewed by Len Davis

Continuing with music from the '80s with John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu, Billy Cobham and Joe Zawinul. Plus new releases from Lo Greco Brothers, Aaron Parks, Ron Trent and Alberto Rigoni.Playlist John McLaughlin “The Wait" from Adventures In Radioland (CBS) 00:00 Billy Cobham “Jackhammer" from Flight Time (Inak) 06:31 Joe Zawinul “The Harvest" from Dialects (Columbia) 12:57 Lo Greco Brothers “Afro Feel" from Afro Feel (IMA) 19:18 Aaron Parks “Cartoon Element" from Volume 2 (Ahem) 25:47 Ron Trent “Sphere" ...


Album Review

Larry Bluth Trio: Never More Here

Read "Never More Here" reviewed by Kyle Simpler

Many musicians work diligently to build a career for themselves. Although dedicated to music, these players also try to build a fanbase, book concerts, and score record deals. However, there are an equal number of performers who are driven more by creating music than making it in the music business. Unfortunately, many artists who fall into this second category often fail to get the recognition they deserve. Pianist Larry Bluth could easily fit into this category of talented musicians that ...


Radio & Podcasts

Bill Evans, Brian Landrus & Joel A. Martin

Read "Bill Evans, Brian Landrus & Joel A. Martin" reviewed by Joe Dimino

We begin the 758th Episode of Neon Jazz with an innovator combining elements of jazz and classical into his new album Jazzical--Komitas Pass of Fire by pianist Joel A. Martin. New music from vocalist Michele Thomas, percussionist Ches Smith and bassist Chris Mondak are explored further. Minneapolis-based Larry McDonough pays tribut to pianist Bill Evans. Finally, we hear new music from reed player Brian Landrus on an album where proceeds help “save the elephants." Dig the jazz, my friends.


Album Review

Kind Folk: Head Towards The Center

Read "Head Towards The Center" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Kind Folk is a quartet consisting of trumpeter John Raymond, alto saxophonist Alex LoRe, bassist Noam Wiesenberg and drummer Colin Stranahan. They recorded their first album in 2018, then went their separate ways for various reasons. They finally reconnected in June 2021 and came up with the simmering blend of jazz, rock and folk sensibilities that makes up this album. Generally, there is a subdued but close-knit feel to this music. Tracks such as “Mantrois" and “Around, Forever" ...


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Torino Jazz Festival 2022

Read "Torino Jazz Festival 2022" reviewed by Antonio Baiano


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