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Ryan Oliver: Zigging With A Jazz Maestro, His Secrets and Wisdom

Read "Ryan Oliver: Zigging With A Jazz Maestro, His Secrets and Wisdom" reviewed by Kerilie McDowall

Tenor saxophonist Ryan Oliver of Canada's The Cookers Quintet, is no stranger to the art of touring the globe. For years he was an integral part of The Shuffle Demons, an adored Toronto jazz saxophone group known for their mid-'80s hit single, “Spadina Bus," written in humorous reference to the Toronto Transit Commission's Spadina Avenue bus that served a vibrant and unique neighbourhood in downtown jny: Toronto, and other treasures such as “Out of My House, Roach," ...

Album Review

Ted Piltzecker: Vibes on a Breath

Read "Vibes on a Breath" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Even though Ted Piltzecker is a splendid vibraphonist and ushers a group of Colorado's leading jazz musicians through its paces on Vibes on a Breath, it is his sparkling arrangements that carry the day on this delightful new album. Several members of Piltzecker's septet double, and he makes the most of that versatility, writing charts that bring to the fore John Gunther's bass clarinet, Wil Swindler's baritone sax and (on the closing number) Judith Leclair's bassoon and Javier Diaz's percussion. ...

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Dave Meder: Modern Gothic

Read "Dave Meder: Modern Gothic" reviewed by John Chacona

Hymn tunes are having a bit of a moment with players such as Dave Douglas and James Brandon Lewis calling on these sturdy old melodies for projects that often wander far from their plain, homespun source material. On New American Hymnal (Outside in Music, 2023), pianist Dave Meder goes a step further by making the communal nature of hymn-singing a metaphor for the current state of society in the United States. “Modern Gothic" joyously references the simple triadic harmonies of ...

Album Review

Rachel Eckroth: Humanoid

Read "Humanoid" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Pianist Rachel Eckroth may use wellness or New agey terms such as polymath or bold vision to describe her approach to her considerable art, but she gets down to Earth for real and very quickly on Humanoid, her first all-acoustic recording. Recorded live at Sam's First in Los Angeles, Eckroth's very active imagination spearheads a group, including bassist and all round jazz entrepreneur Billy Mohler, drummer Tina Raymond--whose uncanny sense for everything a drummer can do, can be ...

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Live recordings from John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck-Jan Hammer and Threeo with Gerald Gradwohl

Read "Live recordings from John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck-Jan Hammer and Threeo with Gerald Gradwohl" reviewed by Len Davis

Part 1 of today's show is all live music, from John McLaughlin & 4th Dimension, Jeff Beck-Jan Hammer Group, El Grupo with Steve Lukather and Steve Weingart and Threeo with Gerald Gradwohl and the late Bob Berg. Playlist John McLaughlin & 4th Dimension “Mother Tongues" from The New Universe Music Festival (Abstract Logix) 00:00 Jeff Beck-Jan Hammer Group “Scatterbrain" from Live (Epicx) 12:24 El Grupo “Dismemberment" from El Grupo-Live (Self Produced) 24:48 Threeo “Take That" from There Live ...

Album Review

John Blum: Nine Rivers

Read "Nine Rivers" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Pianist John Blum's solo Nine Rivers is not so much a hit as it is a HIIT. His music is and has consistently been, to borrow a term from sports, a HIIT workout. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a series of repeated all-out efforts with a brief recover time in between each effort. This recording from the 2013 Crosscurrent Festival in Pescara, Italy confirms Blum's approach as an anaerobic endeavor. His intensity only recovers in the spaces between ...

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Interviews with Chie Imazumi and Tenia Nelson

Read "Interviews with Chie Imazumi and Tenia Nelson" reviewed by Steven Roby

One of the most well-received musicians of her generation, composer, and arranger Chie Imaizumi (pronounced Chee-ay Ee-my-zu-me) has won many awards as an ambitious and active voice in the jazz community. She received the Herb Pomeroy Award, The Rocky Mountain Jazz Artist of the Year, and was recognized by DownBeat Critics Poll as a “Rising Star Composer & Arranger." Tenia Nelson performs regularly at jazz venues in the Denver metro area, including Dazzle and Nocturne. Nelson is a ...


Bobby Zankel: The Inside Story of 'A Change of Destiny'

Read "Bobby Zankel: The Inside Story of 'A Change of Destiny'" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

Saxophonist, bandleader, composer and arranger Bobby Zankel has been making jazz in many ways with diverse cohorts for over a half-century. He has found his own way to create music that is both advanced and very listenable at the same time. He is loved and revered by the many musicians who have performed with him and by his audiences and fan base, especially as a result of the recordings and performances of his Warriors of the Wonderful Sound Big Band, ...

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The Rat Pack vs. the Kids in the Kitchen: Are Those Our Only Choices?

Read "The Rat Pack vs. the Kids in the Kitchen: Are Those Our Only Choices?" reviewed by Con Chapman

It was a more important anniversary than most so we decided to splurge on a local restaurant that always gives me buyer's remorse when I get the check. My wife and I are both getting up in years and we eat out at what she used to jokingly refer to as “blue hair hours," when you can get the early-bird special if you want. In that time slot the crowd consists of senior citizen guys and their wives, ...

Album Review

Jonathan Karrant: Eclectic

Read "Eclectic" reviewed by Dave Linn

Born and raised at the foothills of the Ozarks in the old western town of Fort Smith, Arkansas east of the Arkansas River, Jonathan Karrant fell under the influence of his artistic mother. As a child, it is said he sang for hours every day, making his public debut at the age of seven at his local church. That summer, being a precocious child, he walked into a nightclub and asked the band to accompany him while he sang “Stormy ...

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