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A Conversation with Peter Bernstein

Read "A Conversation with Peter Bernstein" reviewed by David Bixler

The week of March 5 guitarist Peter Bernstein brings a quartet to the Village Vanguard in New York City that includes pianist Sullivan Fortner, bassist Doug Weiss, and the iconic drummer Al Foster. In this episode of LINER NOTES Peter expresses a genuine gratitude for being able to play music. He also offers insights on how he personally approaches this music as a guitarist, sharing valuable lessons learned from his legendary teachers Gene Bertoncini, Ted Dunbar, and Jim Hall.

Radio & Podcasts

Dave Wish (Music Will): The Kids Are Alright… With Music Education

Read "Dave Wish (Music Will): The Kids Are Alright… With Music Education" reviewed by Lawrence Peryer

Today, the Spotlight shines On Dave Wish, founder and Chief Vision Officer for Music Will. This nonprofit organization funds and runs one of the largest instrumental and vocal music programs in US public schools. Dave, a former Palo Alto, California school teacher, launched Music Will due to frustration with the lack of music programming in his school. He started by borrowing instruments from friends and hitting area flea markets for deals. From there, he began offering free guitar ...

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Arnaud Dolmen, Leonardo Montana: Zouky Monky

Read "Arnaud Dolmen, Leonardo Montana: Zouky Monky" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

Enjoy the electrifying duo of drummer Arnaud Dolmen and pianist Leonardo Montana, two musicians based in jny: Paris whose collaboration reflects their Creole and Brazilian roots, as well their focus on playing jazz that is both fully modern and well connected to its roots. The tune is entitled “Zouky Monky," and the tribute is clear, both in the title (Monk-meets-Zouk music) and in how Dolmen and Montana play around quite a bit with Thelonious Monk's “Evidence." “Zouky Monky" ...

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Scott Kinsey / Mer Sal: Time Out Of Mind

Read "Scott Kinsey / Mer Sal: Time Out Of Mind" reviewed by Mike Jacobs

This take on the Steely Dan classic may seem pretty straightforward at first but get about a minute and a half in and things get taken to new heights. Both Mer Sal's vocal work and Scott Kinsey's instrumental / recompositional / production prowess display talents of the first order. ...

Album Review

Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble: Elegy for Thelonious

Read "Elegy for Thelonious" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Pianist Frank Carlberg has been exploring the music of Thelonious Monk for some time, most specifically on his large group album, Monk Dreams, Hallucinations, and Nightmares, (Sunnyside, 2017). This new album has Carlberg returning to the large ensemble format for more Monk investigations, but this time approaching the work in a more splintered and abstract fashion. He does not simply interpret familiar Monk tunes. He writes compositions and arrangements which stitch Monk riffs and ideas into new fabrics, ...

Album Review

Mendoza - Hoff - Revels: Echolocation

Read "Echolocation" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary jazz, Echolocation emerges as a bold exploration of sonic frontiers. Crafted through the collaborative virtuosity of Ava Mendoza on guitar and Devin Hoff on bass, this project embarks on a musical journey which delves deep into the avant-garde jazz realm, blending experimental rock, electric jazz, and the limitless creativity of neo-psychedelia. The album commences with “Dyscalculia," a track which weaves the raw energy of metal with the intricate layers of free jazz, ...

Radio & Podcasts

Benjamin Herman, Janning Trumann, Ruth Goller, Guido Spannocchi & More

Read "Benjamin Herman, Janning Trumann, Ruth Goller, Guido Spannocchi & More" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

A playlist in which edgy and calm take turns, but never at the expense of the surprise factor.Happy listening!Playlist Ben Allison “Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00 Benjamin Herman “Hornin' Out" Nostalgia Blitz (Dox) 0:16 Oan Kim “Caravane Mélancolique" Oan Kim & the Dirty Jazz (Artwork) 3:24 Host talks 6:26 John Scofield “Mo Green" Uncle John's Band (ECM) 9:40 Janning Trumann Quartet feat. Brandon Seabrook “Amoresque" Echo (Tangible Music) 16:55 Fiona Grond ...

Album Review

Marco Baldini: Maniera

Read "Maniera" reviewed by Marat Ingeldeev

It was February 2023 when the world got to know the Florence-based composer Marco Baldini a little better, thanks to Another Timbre and their first feature of Baldini's music, an inaugural album, Vesperi. His second offering, Maniera, captivatingly performed by Apartment House, comprises a collection of seven pieces for various combinations of string instruments. Interestingly, the name alludes to both Italian Mannerism of the 16th century--one of Baldini's favourite styles in fine arts, critiqued for its perceived lack of originality--and ...

Album Review

Rolling Stones: Hackney Diamonds (2CD)

Read "Hackney Diamonds (2CD)" reviewed by Doug Collette

The Rolling Stones have taken some risks of greater and lesser proportion over the course of their sixty-plus- year career, but perhaps no gamble is so great as the decision by the surviving members of the band to continue on after the passing of drummer Charlie Watts. With the blessing of their co-founder in place for the presence of musician/producer Steve Jordan at the kit, the self-appointed 'greatest rock and roll band in the world' carried on with ...

Live Review

The Trio with Henry Threadgill, Vijay Iyer and Dafnis Prieto at the Jazz Gallery

Read "The Trio with Henry Threadgill, Vijay Iyer and Dafnis Prieto at the Jazz Gallery" reviewed by Paul Reynolds

The Trio with Henry Threadgill, Vijay Iyer, and Dafnis PrietoJazz Gallery New York, NYFebruary 25, 2024 For a team of titans --two recipients of MacArthur Foundation “genius grants," plus a Pulitzer Prize winner--The Trio keeps a low profile, even within the jazz community. Perennially busy as leaders, authors and educators, Henry Threadgill, Vijay Iyer, and Dafnis Prieto perform together only occasionally and are yet to release a recording, Even bootleg performances on YouTube are scarce ...

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