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Drum Addiction

Mere Noisemakers

Read "Mere Noisemakers" reviewed by Troy Hoffman

Drummers used to be predominantly known as mere noisemakers (not musicians) coming out of the Vaudeville-era, where percussionists were seen as background tools. They often carried out sound effect cues, sent from studios to theaters, for silent films. This left drummers with the responsible task of mimicking the sounds of hurricanes, car crashes and thunderstorms from the orchestra pit. Jo Jones, a multi-instrumentalist who played vibraphone, drums and piano, was one of the musicians sanctioned to these pits. He went ...

Album Review

Huw Warren: Choro Choro Choro

Read "Choro Choro Choro" reviewed by Chris May

The Welsh pianist Huw Warren is not a household name--though he ought to be--so a little background to Choro Choro Choro is appropriate, just in case the album is taken to have effervesced out of nowhere. In the 1990s, Warren was co-leader of the singular London quartet Perfect Houseplants. The group's half-dozen albums positioned them approximately as the small-group inheritors of the unpredictable mantle of the city's maverick 1980s big band Loose Tubes, of which Warren, the ...

Radio & Podcasts

Janek van Laak: Drumming Up a Circle of Madness

Read "Janek van Laak: Drumming Up a Circle of Madness" reviewed by Lawrence Peryer

Today, the Spotlight shines On Berlin-based drummer, composer, and producer Janek van Laak. Janek grew up in post-reunification jny: Berlin which gave birth to a vibrant culture of music and art. He joined me earlier this year, around the release of his debut solo album, Circle of Madness (Sonar Kollektiv), a work that makes me glad I do not own a record store because I have no idea where I would file it. That said, it might not ...

Album Review

Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii: Aloft

Read "Aloft" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

A lot of ink has poured from the pens of jazz writers in ruminations on the art of Satoko Fujii. With over a hundred album releases under her name and under the names of various groups she has led, she has given the scribes plenty to listen to and write about. Solo albums, big band albums and every size ensemble in between have come out in relative dribs and drabs--three or four releases a year--or in torrents (see 2022 comment ...

Radio & Podcasts

Byron Asher, New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Taylor Eigsti, Mike Holober & More

Read "Byron Asher, New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Taylor Eigsti, Mike Holober & More" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

Taylor Eigsti opens the set with his exciting new album, Plot Armor, and then a focus on large and medium ensembles from New York and jny: New Orleans.Happy listening!Playlist Ben Allison “Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00 Taylor Eigsti “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" Plot Armor (Ground Up!) 0:16 Host talks 5:57 Mike Holober & The Gotham Orchestra “Erosion" This Rock We're On: Imaginary Letters (Palmetto) 7:55 Christopher Zuar Orchestra “Communion" Exuberance (Tonal ...

Album Review

Jonas Cambien's Maca Conu: Maca Conu

Read "Maca Conu" reviewed by John Sharpe

While Oslo-based Belgian pianist Jonas Cambien's Maca Conu may be a new venture, it has a lot in common with his trio which made a series of acclaimed albums, including A Zoology of the Future (Clean Feed, 2016) and We Must Mustn't We (Clean Feed, 2018). Not least of that is down to the continued tenure of Andreas Wildhagen on the drum stool. Keeping him company are fellow Norwegian, bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, perhaps still best known as one third ...

Live Review

45th Annual Tri-C JazzFest

Read "45th Annual Tri-C JazzFest" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

45th Annual Tri-C JazzFest Playhouse Square jny:Cleveland, Ohio June 20-22, 2024 It has become somewhat of a reoccurring quip on social media to lament that so many so-called jazz festivals have booked acts that stray far from the jazz genre to keep these events afloat financially. Cleveland's Tri-C JazzFest has certainly felt the need to consider this strategy, especially considering the scope of the three-day event that takes over Playhouse Square, one of the largest ...

Album Review

Pat Metheny: MoonDial

Read "MoonDial" reviewed by Chris May

Pat Metheny was first encountered in this parish in the autumn of 1982, promoting Offramp (ECM), released earlier in the year. He was making a London stopover on the tour which produced the live album Travels (ECM, 1983). Interviewed at Kensington's Royal Garden Hotel, where his well-worn denim stood him out from the generally snooty clientele, he gave off a first impression of a cresting speed freak, his hair wild and with more than plenty to say for himself. At ...

Radio & Podcasts

Drummer Cristian Tamblay, bassist Jermaine Hall, and some Japanese Fusion

Read "Drummer Cristian Tamblay, bassist Jermaine Hall, and some Japanese Fusion" reviewed by Len Davis

New releases from Chilean drummer Cristian Tamblay, Israeli guitarist Daniel Weiss, Swedish keyboard player Jonas Brogren, Russian guitarist Roman Bondarenko, Netherlands guitarist Mick Jensen and Atlanta bassist Jermain Hall. Japanese Fusion from Kazumi Watanabe, KIYO & SEN, FazJazz, Jimsaku and T Square.Playlist Cristian Tamblay “Against The Odds" from Cristian Tamblay (Self Produced) 00:00 Daniel Weiss “Pyramids" from The Vortex (Self Produced) 06:02 Jonas Brogren “Tornerna" from Tornerna (Self Produced) 12:11 Roman Bondarenko “Off Road Raicing" from Shades Of ...

Album Review

Modern Vikings: Tales of the Skald

Read "Tales of the Skald" reviewed by Neil Duggan

Modern Vikings are a quintet formed by Stephen Henderson. He is perhaps best known as the drummer in Fergus McCreadie's trio, The quintet keeps that trio, consisting of Henderson, McCreadie and bassist David Bowden, as its core. Together, they have proven to be a formidable unit, both live and in their recorded work. In the quintet format, the musical gamut is widened as they are joined by fellow scots Konrad Wisniewski on tenor saxophone and Graeme Stephen on guitar.

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