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Album Reviews

We're New Again
We're New Again

Gil Scott-Heron / Makaya McCraven

It's Getting Strange
It's Getting Strange

Emanuel Casablanca


Olli Hirvonen

Last 1 and Last 2 (2016/7)
Last 1 and Last 2 (2016/7)

Caroline Kraabel

Bear Garden
Bear Garden

Bear Garden


Dewa Budjana and Tohpati


Jason Bruer


Virginia Schenck


Grace Kelly

saxophone, alto




It Takes Two to Jazz: Part I MONDO JAZZ
It Takes Two to Jazz: Part I
With Ludovico Granvassu
Four Masters and More GIFTS & MESSAGES
Four Masters and More
With Marc Cohn
Eddie Who: Michael Blake's Tribute to Eddie Harris MONDO JAZZ
Eddie Who: Michael Blake's Tribute to Eddie Harris
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Don't Quit
Don't Quit

Dario Congedo

Love Love now in you heart
Love Love now in you heart

Tommaso Monopoli


Przemyslaw Straczek

TW = this week; LW = last week; 2W = two weeks ago.

JazzWeek Radio Chart

TW LW 2W Artist TW LW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks
1 1 1 Eric Alexander Eric Alexander with Strings (HighNote) 327 321 +6 2 58 1 4
2 3 2 Lafayette Harris Jr. You Can't Lose with the Blues (Savant) 292 296 -4 1 55 2 4
3 4 3 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis The Music of Wayne Shorter (Blue Engine) 284 275 +9 1 52 3 4
4 8 4 Christopher Hollyday Dialogue (Jazzbeat Productions) 254 226 +28 2 45 4 5
5 2 5 Vincent Herring / Bobby Watson / Gary Bartz Bird at 100 (Smoke Sessions) 250 302 -52 1 45 1 10
6 5 6 Christian McBride The Movement Revisited (Mack Avenue) 242 258 -16 1 43 2 5
7 21 7 Jason Tiemann T-MAN (TMAN) 230 181 +49 4 49 7 3
8 17 8 Aaron Diehl The Vagabond (Mack Avenue) 224 197 +27 7 52 8 3
9 6 9 Diva Jazz Orchestra Diva + The Boys (MCG Jazz) 222 234 -12 1 37 1 13
10 27 10 Jeff Rupert with George Garzone The Ripple (Rupe Media) 218 163 +55 6 43 10 2

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