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Steve Khan

Change In The Weather
Change In The Weather

Janiva Magness

The Ambiguity Manifesto
The Ambiguity Manifesto

Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette


Philipp Gropper's Philm


Nate Wooley/Dave Rempis/Pascal Niggenkemper/Chris...

Solo @70
Solo @70

Denman Maroney

Live At Angelica 2018
Live At Angelica 2018

Setoladimaiale Unit & Evan Parker

Video of the Day


Oumuamua - named after the first observable interstellar object that crossed our solar system - is the second piece of the album Mosaismic (2019) by Contemporary Groove Jazz quintet Ikarus. The video footage was recorded at a concert in Nik Bärtsch's club Exil in Zurich and tailored to the music ...

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The Alto After Bird  - Pepper, Woods, McLean, Adderley (1957 - 1960) JAZZ AT 100
The Alto After Bird - Pepper, Woods, McLean,...
With Russell Perry
Welcome to the Deep End JAZZ BASTARD
Welcome to the Deep End
With Patrick Burnette
These Leos Are Jazz Lions A BROAD SPECTRUM
These Leos Are Jazz Lions
With Mary Foster Conklin

Tune in daily to hear some of the internet's top jazz programs including Mondo Jazz, Jazz Bastard, World of Jazz, The Third Story, One Man's Jazz, Jazz at 100, BIMHUIS, Neon Jazz, A Broad Spectrum, Doing Jazz, and Dr. Jazz. Programs range from music to talk to jazz ed. Our musical programs offer an eclectic mix presenting emerging artists to living legends.

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Track of the day

Favela Chic
Favela Chic

Tom van der Zaal


Larry Graves

Wooden Mirrors (Two Carved Objects, in Complementary Motion)—Excerpt
Wooden Mirrors (Two Carved Objects, in...

Daniel Barbiero / Cristiano Bocci


Richard Pellegrin

Born Today

Jack McDuff Jack McDuff

Brother Jack McDuff, was one of the handful of leading exponents of the soul jazz style created on Hammond organ by Jimmy Smith in the late 1950s. The instrument at the heart of the soul jazz style...

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Jazz Story

View Charlie Watkins's All About Jazz profile By Charlie Watkins
Member since: 2017

There is something inherently exciting in jazz music, that you rarely find in any other music form. The constant striving for reinvention and originality constantly brings fresh ideas to the ever changing jazz scene

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Poll Results

Jazz Poll: top 100 jazz venues

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TW = this week; LW = last week; 2W = two weeks ago.

JazzWeek Radio Chart

TW LW 2W Artist TW LW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks
1 2 1 Jazzmeia Horn Love and Liberation (Concord Jazz) 319 297 +22 3 53 1 5
2 4 2 Monty Alexander Wareika Hill (MACD) 305 261 +44 2 59 2 4
3 3 3 Jimmy Cobb This I Dig Of You (Smoke Sessions) 269 287 -18 4 58 3 4
4 1 4 Mike LeDonne Partners In Time (Savant) 254 298 -44 0 48 1 8
5 9 5 Antonio Adolfo Samba Jazz Alley (AAM Music) 247 221 +26 0 47 3 6
6 26 6 Bill O'Connell and the Afro Caribbean Ensemble Wind Off The Hudson (Savant) 225 159 +66 6 49 6 3
7 7 7 Veronica Swift Confessions (Mack Avenue) 221 229 -8 3 45 7 6
8 24 8 Houston Person I'm Just a Lucky So and So (HighNote) 220 161 +59 7 48 8 3
9 8 9 Richie Cole / Tony Monaco The Keys Of Cool (RCP - Richie Cole Presents) 219 225 -6 2 40 4 7
9 5 9 Chick Corea The Spanish Heart Band: Antidote (Concord) 219 252 -33 0 39 1 10

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