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First Nature
First Nature

Ocean Fanfare



Terra Incognita
Terra Incognita

Rich Halley

New York Trio
New York Trio

Angelika Niescier - Christopher Tordini - Gerald...

Invincible Nimbus
Invincible Nimbus

Anne Mette Iversen's Ternion Quartet


Elliott Sharp


Interview with Montreux Jazz Festival 2019
Interview with Summer Jazz and Fringe Jazz Fest 2019
Interview with Maureen Choi Quartet at BacchusLIVE

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Tune in daily to hear some of the internet's top jazz radio programs including Mondo Jazz, Jazz Bastard, World of Jazz, The Third Story, One Man's Jazz, Jazz at 100, BIMHUIS, Neon Jazz, A Broad Spectrum, Doing Jazz, and Dr. Jazz. Programs range from music to talk to jazz ed. Our musical programs offer an eclectic mix presenting emerging artists to living legends.

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Bon Vivant
Bon Vivant

Robert Ellis & The LiveWires

Mi-tigre mi-âne
Mi-tigre mi-âne

Fabrice Sotton


Patrick Brennan

Born Today

Carmell Jones Carmell Jones

An excellent hard bop trumpeter, Carmell Jones would probably have been much better-known today if he had not moved to Europe in the mid-'60s at the height of his career. In 1960, after two years in the...

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Jazz Story

View Daniel Graham's All About Jazz profile By Daniel Graham
Member since: 2005

I love jazz because it is many things to many people all at the one time--sophisticated, plain-speaking, intellectual, emotional, raucous, refined, conservative, avant-garde. I was first exposed to jazz when I listened to my father's Prestige records featuring artists like Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus and Sonny Rollins. I met Henry Grimes in Haarlem (The Netherlands) in 2005 and have been inspired by his life and music since. The best show I ever attended was Andrew Hill, piano solo, Brisbane, 1994. The first jazz record I bought was Charles Mingus Live In Antibes 1960 with Bud Powell. My advice to new listeners...start with Bebop and progress from there, you'll likely catch everyone after this (and before)

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TW = this week; LW = last week; 2W = two weeks ago.

JazzWeek Radio Chart

TW LW 2W Artist TW LW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks
1 1 1 George Cables I'm All Smiles (HighNote) 284 316 -32 6 62 1 4
2 2 2 Mary Stallings Songs Were Made to Sing (Smoke Sessions) 264 307 -43 0 45 2 8
3 3 3 Dave Stryker Eight Track III (Strikezone) 246 295 -49 0 51 1 10
4 9 4 Yoko Miwa Keep Talkin' (Ocean Blue Tear Music) 237 230 +7 5 50 4 3
5 5 5 Akiko, Hamilton, Dechter Equal Time (Capri) 234 251 -17 4 52 5 4
6 4 6 Al Foster Inspirations & Dedications (Smoke Sessions) 231 256 -25 6 51 4 2
7 14 7 Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet The Rhythm of Invention (Patois) 226 199 +27 7 51 7 3
8 10 8 David Kikoski Phoenix Rising (HighNote) 216 228 -12 4 53 8 4
9 8 9 Michel Camilo Essence (Resilience Music Alliance) 211 232 -21 2 47 8 4
10 12 10 Wynton Marsalis Bolden (Original Soundtrack) (Blue Engine) 190 216 -26 0 35 2 12

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