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Jazz Album Reviews


Marco Sanguinetti

Live In Berlin
Live In Berlin

Simon Vincent's The Occasional Trio

Break Up With the Sound
Break Up With the Sound

Michelle Lordi

Village of the Sun / Ted
Village of the Sun / Ted

Village of the Sun feat. Binker & Moses

So Us
So Us

Tubis Trio


Masa Ishikawa


Neyko Bodurov

Featured Musicians

Sergio Pereira

guitar, acoustic

Eldad Tarmu


Josh Rosen




Interview with The Very Singular Mr. Ran Blake
Interview with Ruslan Sirota: A Journey Away


Favourite Releases of 2019 ONE MAN'S JAZZ
Favourite Releases of 2019
With Maurice Hogue
Michael Jackson: Man in a Jazz Mirror - Part II MONDO JAZZ
Michael Jackson: Man in a Jazz Mirror - Part II
With Ludovico Granvassu

Tune in daily to hear some of the internet's top jazz radio programs including Mondo Jazz, Jazz Bastard, World of Jazz, The Third Story, One Man's Jazz, Jazz at 100, Gifts & Messages, Neon Jazz, A Broad Spectrum, and Doing Jazz. Programs range from music to talk to jazz ed. It's an eclectic mix of shows presenting emerging artists to living legends from around the globe.

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Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders

Daniel Mandrychenko

The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled

Knoxville Jazz Orchestra

Tu Ne's Jamais Trop Vieux
Tu Ne's Jamais Trop Vieux

Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Jay Smith Group

TW = this week; LW = last week; 2W = two weeks ago.

JazzWeek Radio Chart

TW LW 2W Artist TW LW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks
1 1 1 Vincent Herring / Bobby Watson / Gary Bartz Bird at 100 (Smoke Sessions) 290 257 +33 2 54 1 6
2 2 2 Diva Jazz Orchestra Diva + The Boys (MCG Jazz) 258 247 +11 1 41 1 9
3 4 3 Poncho Sanchez Trane's Delight (Concord Picante) 224 225 -1 0 36 1 17
4 51 4 Christian McBride The Movement Revisited (Mack Avenue) 220 104 +116 8 46 4 1
5 3 5 Carmen Lundy Modern Ancestors (Afrasia Productions) 219 231 -12 0 37 3 9
6 5 6 Nicholas Payton Relaxin' With Nick (Smoke Sessions) 213 216 -3 0 44 2 10
7 6 7 Jerome Jennings Solidarity (IoLa) 209 208 +1 0 33 6 7
8 22 8 Lolly Allen Coming Home (OA2) 205 133 +72 3 39 8 3
8 10 8 Michael Dease Never More Here (Posi-Tone) 205 169 +36 0 34 6 9
10 11 10 Richie Goods & The Goods Project. My Left Hand Man (Richman Music) 193 165 +28 2 33 10 4

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