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  • Donny McCaslin: Bowie Deepened The Relationships In My Band

    Donny McCaslin: Bowie Deepened The Relationships...

    Saxophonist and composer Donny McCaslin certainly doesn't believe in boundaries. He is one of the handful musicians who uses different strands as a launching point for further exploration...

  • Matthew Shipp: Let's Do Lunch!

    Matthew Shipp: Let's Do Lunch!

    When Matthew Shipp asked me to design the cover art for his Points album, I showed him works from the on-going drawing study I was engaged in. He picked one graphite drawing and said...

  • Erik Friedlander: A Little Cello?

    Erik Friedlander: A Little Cello?

    Normally lumped into the 'miscellaneous instruments' category of jazz awards, the cello has been something of a bit player in the colorful history of jazz. That said, today there are arguably more cellists...

  • A giant of jazz journalism silenced

    A giant of jazz journalism silenced

    Nat Hentoff was an old-school intellectual whose favorite topic--whose very touchstone--was, throughout his life, jazz....

  • What We Liked: 2016

    What We Liked: 2016

    We took our top lists, found the common recordings, added a dozen of my personal faves, and presented them here for your viewing pleasure...


Hear & Now

Nick Finzer
Hear & Now



Live At Vilnius Jazz Festival

Martin Küchen /...
Live At Vilnius...


Hard Proof


Isn't She Lovely

Pietro Postorino
Isn't She Lovely

The Neon Lulu

Jacob Munk Nielsen
The Neon Lulu

New Things, Same words

Angelo Mastronardi
New Things, Same words


Javier García


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