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Open Polls Closing on April 15, 2020

Top Jazz Record Labels 2020

Help us identify the world's top jazz record labels. To vote, enter up to ten different labels that produce your favorite jazz music then click the SUBMIT button. TIP: enter a record label name, then select it from autocomplete. Once you cast your vote, it's final, so take your time.

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Open Polls Closing on April 15, 2020

Fantasy Jazz Festival Poll

It's your festival, you have an unlimited budget, and you can book up to 10 of your favorite (living) bands/musicians. Please enter them below then click the submit button. We'll tally & publish the top 100 vote-getters and ten lineups will be chosen by our staff and featured in an All About Jazz article shortly after the poll closes. Have fun!

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Open Polls Closing on April 15, 2020

Top Jazz Cities

We're in search of the best cities to catch jazz and we need your help. NYC is an obvious choice, but we're curious about how all other cities stack up against one another in terms of venue spaces, festivals, and opportunities to experience live jazz. We encourage everyone to choose more than one city—the well traveled can select up to ten.

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Closed Poll Closed on April 16, 2019

Top Jazz Venues 2019

We'd like to thank the 3,901 (of the 190,819) members who voted in our 2019 Top Venues poll making it the most definitive poll of its kind and truly reflective of the very best in jazz worldwide. To reach nearly 4,000 voters with our first-ever poll was a remarkable achievement and has inspired us to present more. Look for a Top Record Labels poll soon.

View Poll Results Total Voters: 3,900

Read about The Winners Of The 2019 All About Jazz Top Venues Poll

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