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Your Vote Counts!

All About Jazz uses a custom developed polling platform to place an accurate finger on the pulse of our readers: from their personal favorites to what they consider the best of the best. Past polls include Best Jazz Venues, Best Record Labels, Best Jazz Cities and a Fantasy Festival Poll (the results are accessible from here). AAJ polls are reflective of a cross-section of people from various geographic locations and as a result, are proving to be the most definitive of their kind. Our 2022 polls include a series of favorite instrumentalists with two polls for every instrument covering both living and legacy musicians.

Fun, informative, and verified

Voting is tightly regulated and your vote cannot be altered or duplicated. AAJ polls have the full integrity of a verified election, so make your voice heard. VOTE and watch the numbers grow in real time as each vote is cast. Poll results are accessible from the poll landing page and each will be published as an article to give the industry a clear guide to what you, the member and voter, prefer most.

Spread the word

Voters are encouraged to spread the word about our polls to their social networks and mailing lists. Just point them to this page and ask them to vote.

A new breed of jazz poll

All About jazz continuously evolves with the music, and our polls were designed to give voice to your opinion on the best jazz has to offer while defining a series of benchmarks for the industry.

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