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About Premium Musician Page

Upgrade from a standard page to a premium page for only $50.

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As a premium customer, you get the standard features plus...

    A stylish page

    One that rivals most websites! Your premium page leaps off the screen with a visually striking design.
    Your friends at All About Jazz will also help you build your page so it looks its absolute best. Example.

    Maximum exposure including an ad

    All About Jazz highlights premium musicians on our most popular pages including our home page!

    Your ad will look something like this...

    Note: The icons displayed on your ad reflect the links included on your musician page.

    Control where you sell your music

    Override the Amazon "Buy" links on your musician page and on your discography page with retail links of your choosing.

    Bandcamp Store

    Present your Bandcamp store and sell your music.

    Spotify Playlist

    Present a Spotify playlist and sell your music.

    Ad Free Page

    We remove all visual distractions by hiding Google ads, slideouts, overlays, and the Showcase box that appear on a standard musician page.

    Link to external articles

    You can link up to 12 external articles including interviews, reviews, etc.

    Twitter timeline

    Display your Twitter timeline and build your following.

    Double your YouTube videos!

    Add up to 12 and get a dedicated video page.

    More Links

    In addition to your website and social links, you can also link to your Bandcamp, Bandsintown, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora.

    Access to past events

    One click access to your past events uploaded to Jazz Near You.

    Contact your followers

    Alert your followers to a new release, an upcoming tour, or a special offer.

    A contact button

    So fellow professionals and member fans can reach you.


    Check your page's view count, rank and follower count.

    Announced on Facebook & Twitter

    We'll announce your musician page on our social media pages.

    GigPress User?

    Jazz Near You will automatically import your events uploaded through your GigPress calendar plugin.

    Customer Support

    We're here to help you each step of the way.

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