Harness the power of All About Jazz

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Harness the power of All About Jazz: Harness the power of All About Jazz
Thinking about upgrading your musician page from standard to premium? If so, here's another important benefit worth considering...

All About Jazz links are the most powerful backlinks to your website and your social media pages. Here's why:


AAJ has a Domain Rating (DR) of 82 at Ahrefs
All About Jazz is the oldest and most authoritative jazz site in the world, and the most trusted by Google, that's why AAJ links are some of the most powerful backlinks on the web


music website
backlinks coming from relevant pages are more powerful than links coming from not relevant pages. Receiving a link from your musician/venue/label pages on All About Jazz is one of the most relevant links you can get on the web (outside of Wikipedia itself).


jazz niche backlinks
you are a jazz musician, jazz venue or a jazz promoter/label. Google evaluates links from niche-specific sites as more powerful than backlinks from generic/not related sites (e.g. a link from AAJ is more relevant than a link from a burger shop in Brasil—a completely irrelevant link). Receiving niche-specific do-follow links to your site (and social properties) will increase your website and social properties authority in Google's eyes. Websites with more authority on average receive more organic traffic from Google and other Search Engines than less authoritative websites.

The Difference Between (Do)Follow and NoFollow Links

There are two types of linking: Follow and NoFollow. Premium musician pages benefit from "Follow" links whereas standard musician pages include "NoFollow" links. Follow links help your website's SEO; NoFollow links don't. Backlinks are critical to your Google ranking.

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