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All about the musicians and bands.

Read "All about the musicians and bands." written by Michael Ricci

It was an extraordinary week for interviews and live coverage. All About Jazz chatted with NEA Jazz Master Abdullah Ibrahim, London-based saxophonist Trish Clowes, members of the rock, groove, jazz fusion band Waldo's Gift, emerging organist Matthew Whitaker, and we revisited AAJ's favorite physician... Dr. Um, err... Peter Erskine. Live coverage spanned the globe with Kamasi Washington in Hong Kong, Monty Alexander at The Avalon Theater in Maryland, Ron Carter and many others at the Detroit Jazz Festival, ...

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Finding Jazz Near You.

Read "Finding Jazz Near You." written by Michael Ricci

In addition to chatting with some emerging artists and bands, we also interviewed Dr. Edward Green, one of the world's foremost authorities on Duke Ellington's music. Click the more link to view this past week's interviews. We spent a good portion of the week cleaning up the Jazz Near You mailing list. Officially back on track, this past week was our second consecutive week of sending without incident. We have an extensive list and we're adding folks back ...

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Read "Optimized!" written by Michael Ricci

Optimizing our pages was the name of the game this week. Google likes smaller pages, ours weren't tiny, so we worked to reduce their size without sacrificing content. In some instances, we reduced page size by 75% which should improve page relevancy and rank—at least that's how the theory goes. We also improved the appearance of both websites on tablets and phones. The most significant change was to the home page's RADIO section. We replaced the bulky Mixcloud ...

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Weekly coverage plus more visual refinements and service improvements.

Read "Weekly coverage plus more visual refinements and service improvements." written by Michael Ricci

What a week! In addition to publishing 4-5 album reviews a day, we also interviewed Eliane Elias, Chick Corea, the Israeli trio Shalosh, and Wallace Roney. We also remembered trumpeter Maynard Ferguson while AAJ's Mark Holston wrapped up his three part coverage entitled “Back to Brazil." Many of these articles are accessible from the home page either from the Feature Stories box or from the Articles box (click the green “next" arrow to load the next four articles). ...

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By design.

Read "By design." written by Michael Ricci

We made great strides this week with the website redesign effort. Most of our important pages have been upgraded and look sharp. Decluttering was a priority and you'll notice most pages require less scrolling, load faster, and improved object placement will help you better navigate from page to page or find content you value most. Our goal is to complete the redesign project by the end of the month then return to the community forum project. Make a ...

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Looking good and more on the server.

Read "Looking good and more on the server." written by Michael Ricci

We're not quite out of the woods on the server migration project (a few significant items remain), but we hope to have all related issues resolved this time next week.The good news is website stability has returned and if you have visited us over the last few days you probably noticed a faster, more responsive website. We worked diligently over the last four weeks to get to this point though we did experience a few a-ha moments along ...

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Good week... good progress... good boy!

Read "Good week... good progress... good boy!" written by Michael Ricci

With another week like this one, All About Jazz will be fully restored. It will also be faster, more secure, and will easily support our expansion efforts. We got our heads around the database issues that caused AAJ to slow down or time out and we made continual improvements to greatly reduce latency. Matter of fact, the site goes through long stretches where it's blazing fast and that will soon become the norm. We also restored mail and ...

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Move status, continued.

Read "Move status, continued." written by Michael Ricci

I figured it was time for a new post on website status as we continue to address post-migration (to the cloud) issues. A combination of compatibility (between the two environments and PHP versions), compliance (for mail), and complexity (more considerations for cloud-based computing) has caused unexpected challenges for us. Undeterred, we're working diligently to resolve all outstanding issues. We also brought in experts to actively support our efforts. Though this move was essential, the resultant work has proven ...

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Moving news: With Updates!

Read "Moving news: With Updates!" written by Michael Ricci

As I mentioned last Friday (the 12th), our move to the cloud was a success.We're currently addressing post-move issues and hope to resolve them all by the end of the week.We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to report a bug. We're fixing them as quickly as possible.Updates are below.Thanks for your continued patience.UPDATE: July 22, 2019The website was inaccessible for a good portion of Saturday ...

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Moving Day!

Read "Moving Day!" written by Michael Ricci

We're moving All About Jazz and Jazz Near You to the cloud today. Why the move? We're moving to take full advantage of cloud computing, so expect increased capacity, greater security, and improved performance resulting in a much faster website. The move will be completed later today and access will return once your DNS refreshes. Thanks in advance for your patience.