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Showtime, don't ya know? Jazzmeia Horn was scheduled to perform in Baton Rouge recently, but the gig got 'coronaed.' So, we do a mini-concert here, and hope she can reschedule when this plague dissipates. Shoot, they even cancelled the St. Patrick's Day parade here; so you know this is serious business. We also continue centennial celebrations for Dave Brubeck (Time Further Out) and Charlie Parker (recreating a Savoy 45rpm release). More Sonny Rollins, too: this time with Monk from the famous Brilliant Corners sessions on Riverside. Along the way, 21st century music from the Yes! Trio, Reggie Pittman, Christine Corvisier and Peter Lin (check out his drummer Nic Cacioppo, whew!), as well as classics from Tony Williams, Ray Anderson, Dave Douglas, Johnny Hodges, and Ralph Peterson. Enjoy the show! We did....


  • Tony Williams "Clearways" from Foreign Intrigue (Blue Note) 00:00
  • Yes! Trio "Dr. Jackle" from Groove Du Jour (jazz&people) 04:57
  • Reggie Pittman, Loren Daniels "Shaky Leg Pt 2" from Smilessence (Ivoryhornz) 10:44
  • Christine Corvisier "Groove in den Mei" from Reconnaisance (Unit) 17:54
  • Peter Lin "Mantis Shrimp" from New Age Old Ways (self-release) 23:41
  • Dave Douglas "Nothing Like You" from Convergence (Soul Note) 28:53
  • Ray Anderson "Ross the Boss" from It Just So Happens (Enja) 32:56
  • Jazzmeia Horn "People Make the World Go Round" from Social Call (Prestige) 40:20
  • Jazzmeia Horn "No More" from Love and Liberation (Concord) 48:05
  • Jazzmeia Horn "Free Your Mind" from Love and Liberation (Concord) 51:47
  • Johnny Hodges "It Don't Mean a Thing" from Johnny Hodges/Wild Bill Davis 1965-1966 (RCA) 57:48
  • Dave Brubeck "It's a Raggy Waltz" from Time Further Out (RCA) 1:03:42
  • Dave Brubeck "Bluette" from Time Further Out (Columbia) 1:09:22
  • Dave Brubeck "Far More Blue" from Time Further Out (Columbia) 1:14:48
  • Charlie Parker "Klaunstance" from Complete Savoy Studio Recordings (Savoy) 1:19:39
  • Charlie Parker "Billie's Bounce" from Complete Savoy Studio Recordings (Savoy) 1:23:35
  • Thelonious Monk "Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are" from Brilliant Corners (Riverside) 1:26:49
  • Thelonious Monk "Pannonica" from Brilliant Corners (Riverside) 1:40:49
  • Ralph Peterson "Played Twice" from Fo'tet Plays Monk (Evidence) 1:49:36


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