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Zirkus Bizarr Will McKindley-Ward Allen Spatz Sebatian Rios Rhythm & Black Wanderland Many Muses Ambitrionix Tomorrow Knows Where You Live My Heart And Soul Tomas Montano-Timbales Act No Strange High On The Blues Party's Over/Begun As You Desire Me (Vol. 2) Da - Da Imbiss Nate Smith We Are The World Hitriders Vol. 5 Dave Ness Trio Juyma Estévez Manoli Vouyoucalos Filip Bulatovic Terry Hiatt Paolo Rosato Yuval Amihai Ensemble Outside Shore Music Airwaves Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions Carol Sloane Ramon Diaz et al. Dusty Carlson Dialogo Milene Corso Redd's Blues San Murata Repo Records Lynn Skinner Kairos Quartet The Everly Brothers Sachal Music Ensemble The Don Redman Orchestra Hans Hulbœkmo Young Picasso Destination Love (2010) Fouad Moussanih Gonzalo Esteybar Memphis Underground Ellia English Long Black Nylons / Living Doll Kenny Loggins Black, White & Blue My Own Boogie Lost Chart Compilation Des Nouveautés Mosaic Music - Nouveautés De Février 2007 Ray Malach Teddy Wilson And His Piano Carl Gustafson Wilber Saname Ghost Rhythms Quintet Matinee Dan Rieser merfadéz music (NRW) GTM (Iridium) 2007 Volume 3 - Set 1 Colin Campbell Neil Peart/Rush food for thought On Solid Ground Sirocco Music Limited Angry Tenors Мистер Паганини Josef Sedivec Zero McCoy Tyner Mike Scharfe Dan McCain Viola Lance Buller Summun Bukmun Umyun (Deaf Dumb Blind) Monterey jazz festival 60th 1957 2017 Single Noon Records Cuban Nocturne Ahmad Kamal Commercial Collection 311 Live at Glenn Miller Caf Tammy Payne Allison Briner Michael Moore Huntertones Lethe.Voice Festival Vol 2 00/10/4-9 Golden Reunion In Ragtime Wayne Shorter Horace Silver: Re-Entry PJ Spraggins Lenny White Live from '97 Making Memories Mihaly Borbely C'Est Si Bon / La Vie En Rose Rob Espino Katrina-Kasey Wheeler 19/8 Tournesol Connor Parks Lupamusic Mark Sweeny Stephie Hacker Ronald Bruner, Sr LP1 Bill Drewes Roy Nicolosi Spirit Of The New Land Punx Records Phillip Whack Fiona Zwieb DaPaul London The Dani Felber Big Band Hardcastle 3 Filmworks I: 1986-1990 You Wanna Rain Carol Luckenbach Bag It! Rafael Barata 47 Voice Loops Glenda Bates Pluto Marco Palos Kerem Türkaydın Rip! A Remix Manifesto Ökumenische Beatmesse - Liebe Ist Nicht Nur Ein Wort Live At The Paradox Weird Lullaby The Boobs Trio Jermaine Mondaine Antonin Rayon Claudio Roditti Sophie de Rijk CALJE - Blueprints Lamar Lofton Jim Beishline David Spinley Rolfe Hokanson My Funny Valentine / Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most Nobu Stowe / Blaise Siwula / Ray Sage / Dom Minasi Aries Sid Andersson Berklee Musical Theater Club Screen Cuts Gijs Scholten van Aschat John Abraham Quartet Language I Learned The Hard Way Robert "Duke" Tillman Off The Wall (Essential Argo / Cadet Grooves) Jazz At The Flamingo - 10th Anniversary Tribute No Begining No End Rio de Janeiro Juju Street Songs Jorge Leal John Casimir Rebecca DuMaine Amanda Ellery Eskelin Paul Deats Dick Hyman: Century of Jazz Piano Kenyon Brenner Emily Mathis I Feel Like A Child Sweet Return Denali Kauffman Kid Ramos Sjoerd de Roij Sunday Afternoon (Behind The Jazz Groove) Hoopla Music Force La Tanya Carmical (The Fundamentals) Wil Campa Y Su Gran Union Molly Greacen Black Widow Soul Stories Samba Quixaba Ned Sublette Havin' A Ball Half Way Home Heat Of The Sun EMI Jazz Sampler Sculpted Sound Donna DeVine Sergio Salvatore The Archie Shepp / Lars Gullin Quintet Matt Telfer Cool Classics 1 Umar Raheem Joel Purnel Max Thornberg Jan Jelinek One Small Step Maci Miller, Jazz Vocals, Jazz Vocalist, Female Jazz Vocalist, Singer-Songwriter Eli Khentov Kristin Hoffman Anybody Wanna Dance Danny Johnson Remembering Heidi 2 Souls in Seoul George Braith Bianca Casady G.I. Jive - American Hits Of World War II Pierrot The Best Classic Collection Theodis Ealey The Garden Above Ernie Hammes Duke Ellington Moods Phat Jazz Baaba Maal Eva Cassidy Celestial Circle Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata Danny Martin This Is Acid Jazz Volume Seven: Steppin' Out Songs Of Our Times Zeno De Rossi GNP Crescendo Wing Sing Si Si Si La La La Djangologie 1928-1950 Will Faber Emile Parisien Magda Piskorczyk Management Graeme Bell Ed Love Hans Lohse Blue Notables Vol. 4 : Blue Notes's New Bloods - The New Breed Plugs In Live In The Big Apple Dusseldorf Janice Mitchell Tony Piazza Tara Schwab Drumversations Mars Apes Em Portugues Steve MacLean Miki Hirose Tumpet Noa Levy JazzIntensity I'm In Oscar Klein & Lino Patruno The Fusion Syndicate Aurelijus Sciuka.


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