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The Lay of the Land Le Mans Mari McNeil Sonny LaRosa Julien Siegel Transamericana Lisboa Soul John Howard Dina Glendening That's A Plenty So This Is De La Heaven Pt.2 Franckie’s Jazz Trio Mats Gustafsson/The Thing Josh Bierman Coquette URBEX Stewie Speers JL Stiles Flint Music Emile Parisien Quintet Quartet Saïgon Chris Connor, Offpiste Gurus with Trinelise Vaering and Fredrik Lundin Song '70 Eric Markowitz By George ! It's Probert in England Steve Niemitz Ethan Helm A Portrait Of Nina Steve Korn Out Of Sight & Sound Paradise Valley Community College Big Band Keith Rouster I Loved You Chad McCullough / Bram Weijters Instrumentals Ghanaian roots Jim Vick Dave Spurr Mosaik Don Grolnick Group Brian Roessler Septeto Santiaguero Rachid Toumi Dave Tiede Ictus Records Mind The Gap #108 Back To Brazil Kuzu Jake Shulman-Ment 1989/99 Radio Študent / Klub K4 / V Živo Tyler Mire Absolute A Go Go Records De Pre Historie 1953 Symphonic Arrangement: Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio Nat Reeves Timothy Lee Miller I Could Have Cha Cha'd All Night Live At Rive De Gier Matt Parker Trio Jim Duff At The Bouquet Chorale DJ Chuckie Erin McPherson Une porte s'ouvre Doodlin' Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra: Artistry Fayth Hope Live At Someday In Tokyo Angela Cottingham For The First Time Jazz Flute Traditions James DeJoie Alma Bencze Robot Jazz Sue Bond Quartet Jeff Friedman Cache Live Basic Tendencies Teri Leggio Wade Volume 5: Chante! 1985-2000 Joy Sanford Joseph Goldberg Ron Bishop with Trevor Ware and Dexter Story Tribute to Nina Simone The Library Of Congress Recordings Volume One Hits Of World War II 6 (The Great British Dance Bands 1943-1944) Marcus Rivers Cesar Rosas Matt Stanishewski Martin Blume, Tobias Delius, Achim Kaufmann, Dieter Manderscheid Sebastian Baverstam Please Fall In Love With Me Rockin' Boogie Erin Ibarra Raph Mizuki Dániel Serei Oscuro Día Celebración Por Esantalaus Negro's 78s Superogala #53 Ao Vivo Montreux Jazz Jacob William Sam Myers Dirty in Detroit Jeff Clampa Ozanam Analogous Indirect Pog Wog / Head Snappin' Joe Potenza Billy James Vinsent Planjer Dan On The Moon Evan Parker North by Northeast Luther Thomas Quartet Masakowski Family Young Louis Armstrong (1930-1933) Philippe Ciminato Newsagents Groove Awakening dj Dansor Original Mambo Kings Soul Shack Georgia LaRue Ron Pietranowicz The Manne I Love Sounds - French! Matthieu Marthouret Six Feet Under: Music From The HBO Original Series Housemaster Records Fuigo From A Different Dimension Composition 192 (For Two Musicians & Constructed Environment) Emma Roche Pete Mayes Plays Domenico Scarlatti GOD SON / Eric Wyatt Some Assembly Required Rodrick Pleasants Kool And The Gang / Raw Hamburgers Charley Gordon, Sara Jacovino, Matt McDonald, Mark Patterson, Chris Rinaman Django - Swing It Lightly Tiberian Mode Dave Powelson Luna Quartet Wood Brothers Sergio Fayne Lomax Lives! A String Of Pearls And Other Great Songs Made Great By The Glenn Miller Orchestra In A Setting Of Wall-To-Wall Strings And Brass Jesske Hume Floyd Bean Anthony Colemon Enea Diotaiuti Maiya O. Sykes Jet Records Vol. 3 100% Smoking Club Tami Hall Dwight Dickerson Susanne Stockhammer Live at Massey Hall Crime Jazz: Music In The Second Degree Marija Kandic Jazz Masters Of Acoustic Guitar (And Some Bluesmen Too) Angel City "Minas" Paul Maassen Paul Bourdeau and Shane Simpson Booker 'n' Brass Carol Woods Road Scholars Live Christine Bougie Francois Mechali Seongku Lee Tom Godfrey kora Russell Banks Gottfried Di Franco Nigel Kennedy Kyrkokonsert Med Putte Wickman & Leif Asp Cornish Preludes Jeff Logan Calling It The 8th Jeremy Price Greg Ritchie Orchestre National de Jazz Heavy Weather Metal Caribe Commedia Sexy All'Italiana Juan Rulfo Central Visions / Beyond the Horizon Tina May Trio Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn Beyond Up High Cata Gabriel Harry D'Agostino The Italian Jazz Art Dean DeMerritt Fairport High School Jazz Band Billy Bottle & The Multiple Atomic Swing Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay Aaron Barnes Cherry Blossom Time - Popular Melodies Of Japan Last Century The Show Must Go On Paul Motian / Jason Moran / Chris Potter מצב רוח / In The Mood The Art Of Charlie Parker - Vol. 2: The Fabulous Bird Unearthing Temptation / Artistry By Bostic Kenny Werner with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra Nordic Circles - Winter Rainbow Tarik Ragab Mary Halvorson - Kirk Knuffke - Matt Wilson Vieno Kekkonen Show I Think We Got Away With It. Number Three The Amazing Bud Powell Vols. 1 and 2 Luther Dickinson and The Sons of Mudboy Ingrid Hagelberg Serena Sykes Draksler - Eldh - Lillinger Jens-Peder Sweeting Mark W Anderson Girard Grisey Gerald Gormley The Chicken And The Bop / Lonely Chair Eye of Ra Guildhall Big Band Gary Jones Fabrizio Cucco Centre Line Henry Ettman Reckless DC Music Nick Adams Ted Rubright Stan Brenders Edition Records Trio Music Vol. I Kristin Nordeval Bassoprofilo Facing Wes Megaride Doctor Jackyll And Mister Funk Unconventional Wisdom А Можно Ли Так? Eric Dolphy; Nathan Davis Lisa Bell Music Through His Eyes: For Bunky Green Redhorse Rendezvous 8:02 Phil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine at the Montreux Jazz Festival Piet Verbist Voyeur Jah Jazz Orchestra


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