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Bobby Marin To Fly Higher The Vilnius Implosion Caderno de Composição Cameron Brown and the Hear and Now Ollie Nightingale Tales For The Audience 3 Bal Sur La FM A Gathering Of Minds - Live At The Montreaux 1982 Everybody Here Wants You (Single) Remey Williams Live In Milan - Duo, Trio, Quartet INaudible MITTELEUROPA Gondwana Tiegel E3 Playhouse Miki Yamanaka Juhani Aaltonen - Heikki Sarmanto Raquel Cepeda Music Root Tone Records Woman Of Mystery Spirals And Lines Susanna Borsch Friends and Family Alex Blitz Jorge Luis Almeida Lowlands Cliffdive Records Harry Beckett Lewis Nash Julian Dash The Alex Heitlinger Sextet Cathy Nevins Josh Irving Quintet Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg TFoxx Bennink - Chadbourne - Kondo House Kat Sebastiano Tramontana Andrew Read Anna Stadlman Michel Edelin Anthony G. Bailey Rochelle Lightfoot Aaron Schulman Moss Project Vivian LaRosa Justin Sabaj Structure Ruth Etting Adam Page Dalang!Records Henry Threadgill The Very Best Of Aaron Neville Steven Hess Blue Skies: The Irving Berlin Songbook Aretha Gary Bruno Daniel Cook Seiyoung Jang Bud Scott Circus Holbrook Riles III What’s the Meaning? Cynthia Soriano John Tilbury, John Lely, Dirar Kalash, Christian Wolff Kululush Records Jan Leipnitz Nasar Abadey Électrique Haggai Cohen-Milo Vasko Dukovski Greatest It Spiritual Lover Marc Steckar Reza Askari Juergen Kleischmann Kathleen Grace Band Stephanie Bauman Freedom Trane My Generation Victor Velasco Avísale A Mi Contrario Que Aquí Estoy Yo Harlequins Enigma Triangulation Mark Zannini Jive Samba / Work Song Moanin' Low Starsailor Krakauer's Ancestral Groove Yaron Guershovsky Live! At Bridgewater Endless Radiance Copulatin' Blues Volume One Light Atmosphere (Orchestral) Vol. 5 Nathalie Fortin Yury Natsvlishvili Sol Disk Narratives john karkosiak Conor Murray After The Love Has Gone Jamie Michael Harris Territory Bands Vol. 2 1927-1931 Bill Patriquin Musiques - Automne 2001 Together 1940 Gerry Schroeder Oh My Babe Blues Jeff Hanley Shambones Gerard Bendiks Blaise Siwula / Dom Minasi Ehud Asherie with Harry Allen Norman Granz Presents Jazz At The Philharmonic In Europe Peter Hil Plays New Orleans Classics Jonathan Kies Eric Records Hampshire And Foat Jazz Juice Jack Poster Lead Paul Gregory Anusha The Unity Sessions Muriel Grossmann / Uno P. - Here And Now Karen Hernandez Joe Talia Paul McCandless Luisa Cintron Manuel Troller Emerald City Jazz Orchestra - Come Rain or Come Shine Julio Herrara The Forest and the Zoo Jean Paul Artero sebastiaan van bavel Vernon Chatlein Gloria Smyth Mary Records Ready For Love Thank You Joe Turner! Little Honu Records Herb Lovelle Telephonmann! Mimi Jones: Balance Felix Dehmel Shell QED Williams Valley H.S. Jazz Band Bruised by Noon Four Leaf Records 15 Years Of Kansas City Spirit Solid Sender Horn A-Plenty Orchestre National de Jazz: Close to Heaven Staring into the Sun Perchance To Dream Krupa & The Genes Frank Tontoh Lilly Gardner Paytone Records Last Man Standing Paul Eastburn Nueva Manteca LIVE 25 Years Percy Pursglove Magdalena Reising Johnny Gonzales Solstice World Music Ensemble Casey Van Escape from the UNHAPPY SOCIETY Flower Futures oh soul mio Dave [Holland] Jim Fiedler Robin Arends Janice Mitchell Zimbaremabwe samalexkan Feeling Good / A Wonderful Day Like Today Apollo's Fire Gary Prince The Seasons Fire Yvonne Monnett Adrian Begoña Josh Abrams Jeff Bair I Feel A Song Coming On - The Songs Of Jimmy McHugh The Right Time Romain Stanley Mason Andruskiewicz Pete Gilligan Burning Bright I Got Loaded / It's You, Yes, It's You Luisa Brito Alan Clinger Jo Skaansar Everything Changes Live At The I.C.A. / Retrospective Black Art Jazz Collective Bob Luna Return Beppe Pilotto Net Geo Music Blues Five Spot Barefoot Ballet Ben Porter Eastern Stranger Giancarlo Cardini Ron Thomas/John Swana/Joe Mullen Michael Schiefel - Carsten Daerr - Miklòs Lukacs - Matyas Szandai Urban Sun Debacle Records Robert Sarzo Andre Mali Home - Gift Of Music: Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Mark Lacy Raul Prieto Ramirez Rob Barron Lutan Fyah Margaret Glaspy Solar Plexus / Belladonna Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham Concord Jazz Heritage Series All Time Dance Party Banslikana Latin Dance Party: Latin Grooves From The Atlantic And Atco Vaults Bob Halek Blues 'N' Jazz Sonny Cheatham Angles 3 Around Jimi Our Man Flint / Flint, Agente Secreto Stefan F. Winter Floriculture Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville Gary Short Peter Row Legendary Trio The Soul Of Porter George Benson/Jack McDuff Greenville Jazz Orchestra Nut Music As Free As The Squirrels William Gagliardi Janice Marie The Enigma Carols Mary Mac Aretstikapha Chris Holtslag Gabriel Johnson Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits, Vol. I


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