Fredrik Lundin, Francesco Cusa, and Gianni Lenoci

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It's just one of those happy coincidences that bassist Lisa Mezzacappa, whose name is likely Italian in orgin, is one of the featured artists in this episode, because there's noticeable Italian content as well. Mezzacappa's latest with her ensemble Six, is inspired by the short stories of Italo Calvino (also Italian). Music from Italian musicians comes in the form of saxophonists Fabio Delvò and Piero Bittolo Bon, the duo DST (expanded to a trio), and drummer Francesco Cusa who has five songs on his recording The Uncle (Giano Bifronte), each played twice, once with Cusa's Assassins band and the other by a trio that included pianist Gianni Lenoci, who died unexpectedly in September 2019. And Lenoci's own trio is heard as well. Also on the bill, to wrap-up Black History Month is Christian McBride, the Denis Colin Trio and Matana Roberts, and some very interesting music from Denmark, based around saxophonist Frederik Lundin, one with his band 5 Go Adventuring Again and a big adventurous ensemble, the Maluba Orchestra.


  • Piero Bittolo Bon & Bread and Fox "Ego Surfer's Delight" from This Is Sour Music (Trouble In The East) 00:00
  • Host speaks 12:00
  • Lisa Mezzacappa Six "The Distance Of The Moon" from Cosmicomics (Queen Bee) 14:41
  • Dave Liebman & Kristjan Randalu "Bydlo" from Mussorgsky Pictures Revisited (BMC) 25:02
  • Gianni Lenoci & HP3 "Giant Steps" from Stretching The Standards (Self-released) 30:14
  • Host speaks 33:01
  • Francesco Cusa Trio "Pharmacology" from The Uncle (Giano Bifronte) (Improvisattore Involuntario) 34:05
  • Evan Parker & Paul Lytton "Track XI" from Collected Calls (Revisited) (Jubilee) (Intakt) 41:24
  • Francesco Cusa & The Assassins "Dr. Akagi" from The Uncle (Giano Bifronte) (Improvisattore Involuntario) 40:03
  • Host speaks 51:17
  • Plot "Sequence C Planifie Passé" from Cadenza (WhyPlayJazz) 53:00
  • Deep Ford "Anamorphose" from You May Cross Here (BMC) 1:00:35
  • Host speaks 1:08:45
  • Fredrik Lundin}} "The Hound Of Baskerville" from 5 Go Adventuring Again (Stunt) 1:10:45
  • Denis Colin Trio "Diallo" from Something In Common (Sunnyside) 1:20:02
  • Christian McBride " Soldiers" from The Movement Revisited (Mack Avenue) 1:27:34
  • Host speaks 1:33:06
  • Christian McBride " Apotheosis Nov. 4, 2008" from The Movement Revisited (Mack Avenue) 1:34:50
  • DST " Rota" from Kinetik (Aut Records) 1:45:01
  • Host speaks 1:51:05
  • Matana Roberts "All Things Beautiful" from Coin Coin Chapter IV Memphis (Constellation) 1:52:04
  • Matana Roberts "Wild Fire Bare" from Coin Coin Chapter IV Memphis (Constellation) 1:54:34
  • Charles Rumback Trio "Huh!" from June Holiday (Astral Spirits) 2:00:18
  • Host speaks 2:05:13
  • Antenna "Regular Heartbeat" from Antenna (Self-released) 2:06:01
  • Carlos Peninha "Desoriente" from Ponto De Vista (Self-released) 2:16:13
  • Pia Hernandez "Improv 1" from Lilith (Irazu) 2:22:02
  • Host speaks 2:29:48
  • {Maluba Orchestra "Presto Hymne" from Maluba Orchestra (Sundance) 2:31:16
  • Lisa Mezzacappa Six "Crystals" from Cosmicomics (Queen Bee) 2:36:36
  • Host speaks 2:45:03
  • Fabio Delvò & Rastplatz " Rychle" from Rastplatz (Self-released) 2:46:15
  • Fabio Delvò & Rastplatz "Letabela" from Rastplatz (Self-released) 2:53:10


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