Mark Corroto's Best Releases of 2019

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2019, that was some trip around the sun, wasn't it? Every road trip requires good tunes and this past year we heard some great music. The list below is my top ten, well sixteen releases (in no particular order). I pared down a much larger list, three times this size and still believe there was more great music released in 2019 that I have yet to discover.

Kris Davis
Diatom Ribbons
Pyroclastic Records

Satoko Fujii
Libra Records

James Brandon Lewis
An UnRuly Manifesto
Relative Pitch Records

Noah Preminger
Zigsaw: The Music Of Steve Lampert
Self Released

Eric Boeren / Intergenerational Amsterdam Collective
All Ellington
De Platenbakkerij

Steve Lehman Trio + Craig Taborn
The People I Love
Pi Recordings

Dustin Laurenzi
Snaketime: The Music Of Moondog
Astral Spirits/Feeding Tube Records

Ben Monder
Day After Day
Sunnyside Records

Ben Goldberg
Good Day For Cloud Fishing
Pyroclastic Records

Jamie Saft - Steve Swallow - Bobby Previte
You Don't Know The Life
RareNoise Records

Jon Irabagon
Invisible Horizon
Irabbagast Records

Satoko Fujii & Tatsuya Yoshida
Libra Records

Whit Dickey/Kirk Knuffke
Drone Dream
NoBusiness Records

Ellery Eskelin Christian Weber Michael Griener
The Pearls
Intakt Records

Keiji Haino / Merzbow / Balázs Pándi
Become The Discovered, Not The Discoverer
RareNoise Records

Alberto Pinton/AP6C
Clear Now Records


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