chuffDRONE, Treesearch & Mark Segger

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This episode is a mixed bag of some newer releases and some recent ones definitely worthy of revisiting. The Austrian quintet chuffDrone takes an interesting approach to its highly polished improvisation, while the duo of bassist Rob Clutton and saxophonist Tony Malaby create an album of gems on Offering; it's the kind of personal connection that only comes from many gigs playing together. Treesearch features another fine bassist—Kyle Motl—along with violinist Keir GoGwilt, and you'll also hear a track from Canadian drummer Mark Segger's latest album. Lots more for you as well. Please enjoy!


  • Satoko Fujii & Tatsuya Yoshida "No Reflection" from Baikamo (Libra) 00:00
  • Ivo Perelman "Bliss" from Ineffable Joy (ESP) 04:27
  • Aly Keita, Jan Galgen Bronnimann & Lucas Niggli "Bafut" from Kalan Teban (Intakt) 13:04
  • Kris Davis " Reflections" from Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic) 17:51
  • Host speaks 30:17
  • Rob Clutton "Crimes of Tantalus" from Offering (Snail Bong Bong) 33:21
  • Treesearch " Halberd Hands" from Know More Knowledge (577) 38:21
  • Drop Dogs "Bienvenida" from Drop Dogs Vol.2 (Self-released) 44:41
  • Host speaks 50:41
  • Jeff Davis"Wednesday Shirt" from The Fastness (Fresh Sound New Talent) 51:54
  • Avram Fefer Quartet "Magic Mountain" from Testament (Clean Feed) 59:11
  • George Graewe, Ernst Reijseger, Gerry Hemingway "Kammer V" from Kammern I -IV (Auricle) 1:10:02
  • Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra "High Tension Store" from Black Friday (Overstudio) 1:15:37
  • Zack Clarke Trio "Aggressive Deja Vu" from Vertical Shores (Clean Feed) 1:23:31
  • Host speaks 1:29:25
  • Mark Segger Sextet "Bass line" from Lift Off (Self-released) 1:30:56
  • Steve Swell "How Do You Like Yours?" from Brain in a Dish (NoBusiness) 1:35:57
  • Chuffdrone "Calling for Strength" from Chuffdrone (Self-released) 1:42:07
  • Host speaks 1:50:58
  • Jim Black Trio "Astrono Said So" from Reckon (Intakt) 1:52:16
  • Stephen Gauci / Sandy Ewen / Adam Lane / Kevin Shea, Vijay Anderson "Improvisation #4" from Studio Sessions Vol 4 (Gaucimusic) 1:57:55
  • Kevin Sun "The Middle of Tensions II" from The Sustain of Memory (Endectomorph) 2:05:50
  • Gonçalo Almeida, Tobias Klein, Martin van Duynhoven "Verdes Anos" from Live at the Bimhuis (Clean Feed) 2:11:03
  • Host speaks 2:17:24
  • Dash! "Boogie Tree" from Boogie (Self-released) 2:18:48
  • David S. Ware New Quartet "Crossing Samsara Part 2" from Théatre Garonne (AUM Fidelity) 2:28:09
  • Frode Gjerstad, Bobby Bradford, Kent Carter, John Stevens "Blue Cat Part II" from Blue Cat (NoBusiness) 2:39:27
  • Host speaks 2:52:28
  • Rob Clutton "Latitude" from Offering (Snail Bong Bong) 2:54:03


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