Dave Sewelson, Satoko Fujii and Tatsuya Yoshida & More

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There's a definite theme of muscular sounding saxophone in this edition of One Man's Jazz: Dave Sewelson, Steve Baczkowski, Chris Pitsiokos, Massimo Magee, Tomasz Szukalski, Marty Ehrlich, Cene Resnik, David Leon, Jonas Kullhammar and Remy Alvarez can all skronk with the best of them, and they're somewhere blowing their reeds apart throughout the music in this show. There are also some "smashing" drummers afoot as well in the persons of Devin Gray, Tony Irving , Edward Vesala, Chris Corsano, Jon Falt and Tatsuya Yoshida. Chicago guitarist Tim Stine and his quartet debut the new Knots album, and there's more from Kris Davis' outstanding Diatom Ribbons .


  • Torbjorn Zetterberg "1 + 1 = 1" from The Great Question (Corbett vs Dempsey) 00:00
  • Host speaks 07:28
  • Dave Sewelson Quartet "Reflections" from More Music for a Free World (Mahakala Music) 10:47
  • Golpe "Wait" from Puzzle(Robalo) 19:26
  • Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Tony Orrell "Bley School" from Bley School (577) 23:24
  • Host speaks 29:28
  • Tony Irving, Massimo Magee "Vitriol" from Vitriol & The Third Oraculum (577) 30:46
  • Devin Gray's GPS Trio "Subtle Bully" from Blast Beat Blues (Dirigo Rataplan) 35:50
  • Day and Taxi "South for North" from Devotion (Percaso) 38:50
  • Host speaks 45:21
  • Kris Davis "Reflections" from Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic) 46:33
  • Torbjorn Zetterberg "Requiem for a Possible Outcome" from The Great Question (Corbett vs Dempsey) 59:00
  • Host speaks 1:06:59
  • Tim Stine Quartet "Quietus" from Knots (Clean Feed) 1:08:14
  • Tim Stine Quartet "Knots" from Knots (Clean Feed) 1:14:38
  • Claudio Scolari Project "And I'll Make You Smile" from Upside Down (Principal) 1:17:48
  • Laura Schuler, Lisa Hoppe, and Luzius Schuler's Third Reality "8 Hungry Birds and a Sick Weasel" from The Mighty Unlikely (Jazzhausmusik) 1:23:10
  • Host speaks 1:27:17
  • Tomasz Stanko Quartet "Dark Awakening" from TWET (Warner Poland) 1:29:15
  • Adam Pieronczyk, Miroslav Vitous "Lettera Mancina" from Live At NOSPR (Self-released) 1:41:49
  • Host speaks 1:49:13
  • Steve Baczkowski, Brandon Lopez, Chris Corsano "Open Hearth" from Old Smoke (Relative Pitch) 1:50:20
  • Cráneo De Jade "Prithvi (El Latido De La Tierra)" from Zen (Self-released) 1:58:21
  • Host speaks 2:06:12
  • Satoko Fujii, Tatsuya Yoshida"Walsjhechirfo" from Baikamo (Libra) 2:08:02
  • Satoko Fujii & Tatsuya Yoshida "Laughing Birds" from Baikamo (Libra) 2:12:57
  • Marty Ehrlich, Peter Erskine, Michael Formanek "Lucky Life" from Relativity (Enja) 2:15:40
  • Host speaks 2:24:49
  • Chris Pitsiokos' CP Unit" One Foot On The Ground" from One Foot on the Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown (Ramp Local) 2:26:03
  • Tetterapadequ "That What You Is There?" from Rack Again (Cylinder) 2:34:51
  • Host speaks 2:38:59
  • Cory Smythe "To Gather the Wind" from Circulate Susanna (Pyroclastic) 2:40:44
  • Acamar Trio "Cursa" from Tir (Self-released) 2:46:1
  • Host speaks 2:51:26
  • Tomasz Stanko Quartet "Night Peace" from TWET (Warner Poland) 2:51:51


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