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The featured album this week is the new release from Ken Fowser

Fowser reflects upon the ephemeral aspects of nature to uncover a series of inspirations hidden in the broken fragments of our cultural existence on his latest release with a captivating program of new compositions. He continues to demonstrate a strong and well refined vision for his own music as a leader and composer that is both emotionally engaging and entertaining. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, the album is straight forward, refreshingly melodic and full of bright moments for the ears of jazz fans everywhere.

In between tracks from Fowser there are some other recent releases and also a dip back in the archive


  • Ken Fowser "Moving Foward" from Morning Light (Posi-tone) 00:00
  • Geometry "Space Chat" from Geometry of Distance (Relative Pitch) 06:24
  • Jeff Parker Trio "Good Days (for Lee Anne)" from Bright Light In Winter (Delmark) 13:27
  • Takashi Sugawa, Leo Genovese, Tom Rainey "Outgrowing" from Outgrowing (TSGV Music) 20:31
  • Enrico Rava "Fables of Faubus" from Tribute to Mingus (Adda) 32:01
  • Charles Mingus "Reincarnation of a love bird" from Mysterious Blues (Candid) 40:43
  • Rita Marcotulli "Musique en jeu" from The Woman Next Door (Label Bleu) 50:34
  • Charlie Parker "Hot House" from Bird on 52nd Street (Original Jazz Classics) 57:54
  • Ken Fowser "Morning Light" from Morning Light (Posi-tone) 1:00:49
  • Gerrit Hatcher Group "Other Fires" from The Good Instinct of the Morning (Kettle Hole Records) 1:07:10
  • Ronny Graupe, Théo Ceccaldi, Christian Lillinger, Valentin Ceccaldi "Mermaids and Sperm Whales" from qÖÖlp (Budapest Music Centre) 1:19:26
  • Ken Fowser "Firefly" from Morning Light (Posi-tone) 1:30:35
  • Miles Davis "Helen Butte/Mr. Freedom X" from The Complete On The Corner Sessions (Columbia) 1:36:41


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