Bob Osborne

Radio Presenter and Record Label Owner

About Me

I was a DJ at Salford City Radio between 2009 and 2012 and left to pursue radio work which was not constrained by radio programming and Ofcom rules. I started my own Podcasts and was subsequently invited to submit two of my shows to Sin Radio in 2015. In 2017 I joined Manchester based online station Analogue Trash where the “World of Jazz” show was broadcast between 8pm and 10pm every Sunday and “Aural Delights” every Thursday also between 10pm and midnight. After Analogue Trash ceased broadcasting in June 2019 and I joined Taint Radio in July where both shows are broadcast twice weekly. In early 2020 I was invited to be part of the Sunday Overflow Service on River Gibbs FM where an hour long version of the Aural Delights Show is presented at 10pm.

I also write regular blogs on music as well as being the co-owner of German Shepherd Records, a not for profit grass roots label which supports a range of artists from the UK, Germany, Australia, and Italy.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2018-09-07

I love jazz because it constantly challenges my preconceptions about music. I was hooked over 40 years ago when a friend loaned me a copy of John Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard and have collected jazz music regularly since then. I was lucky to be invited to get involved in radio around 9 years ago and since then have created a weekly Jazz show called "World of Jazz."

My Favorites

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