Kirk Knuffke, Charles Lloyd, FIDOqrtet and More

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This episode has several excellent contemporary trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn players scattered throughout the playlist: players like Brian Groder (new recording Luminous Arcs ), Dan Rosenboom, Kirk Knuffke, Nate Wooley (with Harris Eisenstadt), Ron Horton and Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground Quartet). Those horns are staples of big bands too, so you'll hear plenty in the music from Sweden's Maluba Orchestra, the Webber-Morris Big Band and Satoko Fujii's Orchestra New York. Charles Lloyd's latest is sampled as well, and wait until you hear the very unique FIDOqrtet with Ron Horton, Maryanne de Prophetis, Shoko Nagai and Satoshi Takeishi! Lots more interesting sounds too.


  • Daniel Rosenboom "Obsidian Butterfly" from Absurd In The Anthropocene (Orenda) 00:00
  • Host speaks 07:46
  • Brian Groder Trio "Smoored" from Luminous Arcs (Latham) 10:06
  • Forefront "Beautiful Agony" from Absentia (Auand) 18:13
  • Anna Webber-Angela Morris Big Band "And It Rolled Right Down" from Both Are True (Greenleaf) 24:16
  • Host speaks 30:51
  • Danilo Gallo -Zeno De Rossi -Chris Speed "Beranche" from Midnight Lilacs (UR) 32:25
  • Jim Black Trio "Very Query" from Reckon (Intakt) 38:30
  • Harris Eisenstadt "Poschiavo 35" from Canada Day Quartet Live (Clean Feed) 42:54
  • Host speaks 47:54
  • FIDOqrtet "Hato" from FIDOqrtet (Enna) 50:33
  • Nutria "Once Annual Elegy" from Meeting In Progress (Ears & Eyes) 59:37
  • Host speaks 1:07:04
  • Kirk Knuffke "Bright Light" from Arms And Hands (Royal Potato) 1:07:59
  • Kirk Knuffke "Arms And Hands" from Arms And Hands (Royal Potato) 1:13:30
  • Pierrick LeFranc "Passage" from Ex Novo Quartet (Orgo) 1:17:52
  • Brian Groder Trio "Longer Than Sky" from Luminous Arcs (Latham) 1:24:55
  • Host speaks 1:28:46
  • Maluba Orchestra "Marcology" from Maluba Orchestra (Sundance) 1:29:47
  • Dayna Stephens Trio "Ran" from Liberty (Contagious Music) 1:41:06
  • Host speaks 1:46:19
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York "Everlasting" from Entity (Libra) 1:47:55
  • Deep Ford "Hockneedle" from You May Cross Here (BMC) 1:58:58
  • Host speaks 2:03:55
  • Charles Lloyd "Dream Weaver" from 8: Kindred Spirits (Live From The Lobero) (Blue Note) 2:05:45
  • Chicago Underground Quartet "All The Bells" from Good Days (Astral Spirits) 2:26:35
  • Host speaks 2:30:30
  • FIDOqrtet "Terramoto" from FIDOqrtet (Enna) 2:30:48
  • Tim Berne & Snakeoil "The Fantastic Mrs 10" from The Fantastic Mrs. 10 (Intakt) 2:38:01
  • Host speaks 2:50:35
  • Brian Groder & Burton Greene "Only The Now" from Groder & Greene (Latham) 2:51:59


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