Dan Rosenboom

Dan Rosenboom

Instrument: Trumpet | Location: Los Angeles

"Rosenboom is a phenomenon."
—Los Angeles Times

Updated: March 8, 2021

Born: May 7, 1982

In a time marked by unpredictability and absurd realities, music imbued with spontaneity and improvisation seems especially relevant. Internationally recognized trumpet player and composer-producer-entrepreneur Dan Rosenboom embraces the chaos and seeks to endow us with hope and joy along the way.

Rosenboom, a musician at the forefront of Los Angeles' ever-thriving creative music scene, boasts an international reputation for boundary-pushing projects and relentless productivity. A trumpet virtuoso equally at home in improvised and classical music, the prolific musician has been featured on stages and festivals all over the world, and has been described as “a phenomenon” by the Los Angeles Times.

The highly decorated Rosenboom was born on May 7, 1982 in Berkeley, CA to a composer-performer father who was a trailblazer of early computer music and a mother who was an avant-garde vocalist, designer, and visual artist. From these roots, Rosenboom developed an approach to music and trumpet playing that is highly personalized yet grounded in a global and forward-thinking sensibility.

“From the beginning, I was surrounded by people who were examining and redefining what we consider art to be,” Rosenboom said. “That has had a lasting impact on me, and gave me a true and deep love of exploration through the artistic creative process.”

Early on, the musician also acquired an interest in music that reflects cultural and social movements. “When I was younger, I was always interested in music inspired by what was happening in the world at large,” he said, “and that’s become an ongoing theme in my music: responding to culture.”

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”Rosenboom is a phenomenon.” — Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

“A musician dedicated to exploration and expression, regardless of anyone’s imagined boundaries.” — Chris Barton, Los Angeles Times

“A singularly creative voice whose unique aesthetic encompasses an array of idiosyncratic influences...a lyrical virtuoso with a commanding tone, whose expansive trumpet technique is saliently paralleled in his diverse writing.” — Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“One of the most original, exciting, adventurous [artists] in L.A

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A clinic with Daniel Rosenboom can take many shapes. If working with performing groups, Daniel is an outstanding coach for group interaction, both in terms of written music and improvisation. If working with large ensembles, Daniel's extensive background in orchestras, big bands, and various chamber ensemble settings gives him a wealth of insight into the shaping of large ensemble music. In working with individual players, Daniel's approach focuses on an effortless approach to technique in order to free the inner voice of a musician

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