Kevin Sun, Roadworks, Anansi Trio and More

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Saxophonists are all over this episode. Australia's Julien Wilson provides two different settings to display his formidable talents, and so does New York's Kevin Sun. Swiss alto player Christoph Gallio made his One Man's Jazz debut with his trio, Day & Taxi, but this time he's back with a larger and freer ensemble, Roadworks. You'll hear Matana Roberts, Avram Fefer with Adam Lane's Blue Spirit Band, Gorka Benitez with BBC, Jerzy Mączyński from Poland, Matt Belzer with the Anansi Trio, Gebhard Ullmann, Canada's Glen Hall, and many other fine players.


  • Ratchet Orchestra "Extraterrestrial Skies" from Coco Swirl (Ambiance Magnetiques) 00:00
  • Host speaks 05:40
  • Matana Roberts, Sam Shalabi, Nicolas Caloia "Feldspar" from Feldspar (Tour De Bras) 06:57
  • Tomasz Dąbrowski FREE4ARTS "I Have No Idea" from When I Come Across (AudioCave) 14:27
  • Kevin Sun "The Rigors of Love II" from The Sustain of Memory (Endectomorph) 19:46
  • Host speaks 32:42
  • Kevin Sun & Mute "Great Concavity" from Mute (Fresh Sound New Talent) 35:12
  • Adam Lane "House of the Rising Sun" from Adam Lane's Blue Spirit Band (Cadence) 44:13
  • Host speaks 51:58
  • Miles Okazaki "The Castaway" from The Sky Below (Pi) 53:44
  • Andrew Schiller "Thorny Flora" from Sonoran (Red Piano) 59:12
  • Host speaks 1:08:07
  • Roadworks "Glassware Side B" from If You Were Here (Percaso) 1:09:51
  • Devin Gray "Streaming Capital" from Algorhythmica (Dirigo Rataplan) 1:25:12
  • Host speaks 1:30:35
  • Anansi Trio "Bipolarity" from On the Path (Self-released) 1:31:33
  • Jerzy Mączyński "Prince" from Jerry and the Pelican System (WM Poland) 1:38:36
  • Bill Gilliam, Glen Hall, Joe Sorbara "Invitation" from Counterstasis: Refracted Voices (Self-released) 1:45:27
  • Host speaks 1:49:48
  • Simone Graziano "Kinkali" from Sexuality (Auand) 1:52:44
  • Roadworks "Glassware Part 5" from Glassware (Percaso) 1:57:42
  • Anansi Trio "Odessa" from On the Path (Self-released) 2:11:01
  • Host speaks 2:19:18
  • BBC—Benitez, Baggiani & Celano "El Paciente Torres" from ¿Donde está nuestra hogar? (Renewable) 2:20:32
  • Gebhard Ullmann "Flutist with Hat and Shoe" from MicroPULS (Intuition) 2:25:33
  • Tomeka Reid Quartet "Sadie" from Old New (Cuneiform) 2:32:45
  • Host speaks 2:37:5
  • Julien Wilson & Stock "We Don't Have To" from Stock (Lionshare) 2:39:40
  • Laura Schuler, Lisa Hoppe, and Luzius Schuler's Third Reality "Extraterrestrials Calling Home" from The Mighty Unlikely (Jazzhausmusik) 2:44:00
  • Host speaks 2:48:55
  • Julien Wilson, Mike Nock, Jonathan zwartz, Hamish Stuart "Any Heart" from This World (Lionshare) 2:50:18


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