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No Favorites!

Label: New World Records
Released: 2016
Track listing: Nothing Stopped/But A Future (for Buckminster Fuller); The Double Negative; Contours of the Glass Head.


Rova Orkestrova: No Favorites!

Read "No Favorites!" reviewed by Troy Collins

Ever since its formation in 1977, Rova, the pioneering West Coast saxophone quartet, has been augmenting its ranks to explore structured improvisation. No Favorites! pays homage to Lawrence D. “Butch" Morris, the inventor of Conduction, a revolutionary system for organizing large-ensemble improvisation using coded gestures. This ambitious album epitomizes a working relationship that Rova began with ...

A Trumpet in the Morning

Label: New World Records
Released: 2014
Track listing: Prelude: Agbekor Translations; A Trumpet in the Morning; Blues for Peace; Rundowns and Turnbacks; M Variations (Melody for Madeleine); 06. Postlude: Agbekor Translations.


Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble: A Trumpet in the Morning

Read "A Trumpet in the Morning" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Ricercatore instancabile, Marty Ehrlich torna dopo 13 anni con un progetto per big band, firmando uno dei dischi più belli del 2013. Rara avis, il lavoro di arrangiamento si distingue per una idea di jazz magnificamente svincolato da regole e formulette. Prevale una pratica musicale estremamente volatile, che anche all'interno di un solo episodio cambia continuamente ...

Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet In The Morning

Label: New World Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: Prelude: Agbekor Translations; A Trumpet In The Morning; Blues For Peace; Rundowns And Turnbacks; My Variations (Melody For Madeleine); Postlude: Agbekor Translations.


Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet In The Morning

Read "Marty Ehrlich: A Trumpet In The Morning" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

A Trumpet In The Morning is a first for multi-reedist Marty Ehrlich; it's the first album completely dedicated to his large group works and the first album under his name that's basically directed by his hand rather than his horn(s). The intrepid Ehrlich, who fell under the sway of St. Louis' Black Artists Group (BAG) in ...

Mind Games

Label: New World Records
Released: 2012

On Procedural Grounds

Label: New World Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: Cell Structure; On Procedural Grounds; Orgone Accelerator; Tarpit.


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