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Trout in Swimwear

Label: Independent
Released: 2020
Track listing: Kite of Clay; Trout in Swimwear; Writers' Tears; Dig Diz; New Peace; Only Hear Say; Dry Oatmeal; Together Alone.

Toronto Streets Tour

Label: Independent
Released: 2020
Track listing: 1. Intro; 2. Wait; 3. Muroro; 4. Rainfall; 5. Interlude; 6. White Acacia; 7. Untitled; 8. Flicker; 9. Love is Love; 10. I Have Started; 11. Outro

Bootleggin’ At The Bop Stop

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2020
Track listing: Seven Steps To Heaven, lyrics Maria Jacobs Comes Love/No Moon At All Round And Round, Maria Jacobs Pour Me A Cup of Yesterday, Maria Jacobs It Could Happen To You, Chet Baker vocalese lyric Maria Jacobs My Blue Heart. Maria Jacobs Day By Day I’m In The Mood For Love/ Moody’s Mood For Love Losing You, Maria Jacobs How High The Moon One Note Samba, bonus track

Live From Dizzy's Club Coca Cola

Label: Independent
Released: 2019


Label: independent
Released: 2019


Label: Independent
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1. Monarch 2. Jackson's Front Yard 3. Palos Verdes Blue 4. Here It's Almost Sunset (feat. David Crosby) 5. Gregory (feat. Bill Frisell) 6. Three Nights (feat. Charles Lloyd) 7. Planted, Not Buried 8. Metamorphosis


Label: Independent
Released: 2019
Track listing: Before Day Break; Flashpoint; Revelation; Gotta Get It; Chronicle; Lust; Rising


Label: Independent
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1. Fulfillment (5:09) 2. Hiphopcrisy (5:51) 3. From Darkness (6:33) 4. Cerberus (6:14) 5. Koke Dera (7:44) 6. New Beginnings (5:39) 7. Sanma Samba (4:20) 8. Cookies & Milk (8:13) 9. An American in Tokyo (7:24) 10. Eclipse (5:15) 11. Metamorphosis (6:10) 12. Taiwan (6:59)


Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School: Aftermath

Read "Aftermath" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Aftermath is the second album by composer / arranger / tenor saxophonist Chelsea McBride's Toronto-based Socialist Night School. It's a bright-eyed ensemble, comprised for the most part of young musicians who are fully on board with McBride's contemporary approach to big-band jazz (think Muhal Richard Abrams, Julius Hemphill, Darcy James Argue or Charles Mingus with a ...


Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School: Aftermath

Read "Aftermath" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

Carve out an hour to listen to Socialist Night School's Aftermath because the combination of big-band music and progressive, challenging lyrics demands it. There's no way to let either simply wash over the ears. The music is too blunt, the lyrics too developed and too integral to absorb passively. The follow up to the ...


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