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David Minnick: Absolutely Crabid

Read "David Minnick: Absolutely Crabid" reviewed by Brad Glanden

David Minnick has emerged from the densely populated Internet music marketplace as an exceptionally talented and unique composer. Based in Waterford, Michigan, Minnick once served as the guitarist for Detroit's legendary ska outfit Gangster Fun, and later co-founded the Crabid Music label with his brother and fellow Gangster Fun alum, Chris Minnick. Along with the enigmatic ...


Article: Album Review

Industrial Jazz Group: LEEF

Read "LEEF" reviewed by Brad Glanden

It's difficult to fathom a universe where someone would not enjoy listening to LEEF. One would have to be conditioned, Clockwork Orange-style, into finding the sound of musical instruments morally reprehensible. There's nothing on the Industrial Jazz Group's album that couldn't be embraced wholeheartedly by someone with an otherwise unrepentant disdain for all things jazzy.


Article: Film Review

Ken Jacobs: New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903

Read "Ken Jacobs: New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Ken Jacobs New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 Tzadik 2007 What elevates New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 above the amateur work of young hopefuls with movie-editing software is the fact that Ken Jacobs, a septuagenarian staple of American avant-garde cinema, is a master of deconstruction. His Tom Tom the Piper's Son ...


Article: Album Review

Camberwell Now: All's Well

Read "All's Well" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Following the dissolution of This Heat in the early 1980s, drummer Charles Hayward and bassist Trefor Goronwy recruited the group's sound technician, Stephan Rickard, for a new, more song-oriented band. Camberwell Now subverted the standard rock trio format by delegating the role of electric guitar to Rickard's “tape switchboard," lending the band's music textural depth and ...


Article: Album Review

Various Critters: Live From Noah's Ark: The Complete Recordings

Read "Live From Noah's Ark: The Complete Recordings" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Jazz has always been human-centric, a fact that has marginalized the work of non-humans who have contributed to the art form. Newly unearthed recordings indicate that animals have not just played a role in the evolution of jazz—they invented it.On Zoo Note Records' Live From Noah's Ark: The Complete Recordings, every variant of jazz—from ...


Article: Album Review

Sara Lazarus with Bireli Lagrene's Gipsy Project: It's All Right With Me

Read "It's All Right With Me" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Sara Lazarus is in no hurry. After the Delaware-born French emigré won first prize at the 1994 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition, she waited over a decade to record her debut, 2005's Give Me the Simple Life. To the benefit of jazz listeners, she didn't wait long to record a followup: It's All Right With Me ...


Article: Album Review

The Blitzoids: Stealing From Helpless Children / Look Up

Read "Stealing From Helpless Children / Look Up" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Who were the Blitzoids? The few available resources on the band make one thing perfectly clear: they sound a lot like seminal no-wave band the Residents. It's true: the early work of the Residents--before they started wearing giant eyeball masks, employing narrative structures, and presenting themselves as “pioneering" technophiles--looms large over the Blitzoids' two LPs, reissued ...


Article: Album Review

Chameleon Trio: In Between

Read "In Between" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Israel is becoming known for an increasing number of talented improvisers. Many of them are emigrating to New York, where jazz venues abound and the potential for visibility is greater. Thankfully, there are plenty of superb musicians remaining in Israel, where the admittedly youthful jazz scene is growing steadily. The Chameleon Trio is not strictly a ...


Article: Album Review

Zermos: The Last Night of August

Read "The Last Night of August" reviewed by Brad Glanden

August 31, 2006: Taking the concept of the impromptu recording session to an illogical extreme, pianist David Minnick summons pals Gary Robertson (alto sax) and Ryan Enderle (bass) to an “undisclosed location," where they shut off the lights and proceed to improvise. Playing together for the very first time, Zermos struggles to find meaning in the ...


Article: Album Review

Industrial Jazz Group: Industrial Jazz A Go Go!

Read "Industrial Jazz A Go Go!" reviewed by Brad Glanden

Few categorical terms inspire as much trepidation among listeners as “avant-garde," and it is decidedly difficult to market music labeled as such. Even so, many artists on the fringe have tempered their envelope-pushing works with material that could be accused of having top-forty aspirations. It is rare indeed to discover someone capable of writing music that ...


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