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Sometimes a recording catches you by surprise. Such is the case with Swedish bassist Thomas Markusson's Open. Only one of the musicians was familiar, the pianist Naoko Sakata who moved from Japan to Sweden where she could play the kind of music that wasn't popular in Japan. Sakata definitely found the right company. Markusson is a very strong bassist who writes music that took me back to those ECM recordings of Kenny Wheeler and Tomasz Stanko, thanks to the playing of trumpeter Staffan Svensson and drummer Cornelia Nilsson who brings a familiar Nordic style of playing to mind. The recording on Footprint Records is definitely worth tracking down.

No surprise, however, with pianist Russ Lossing's new Motian Music with his trio of bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Billy Mintz . Lossing is one of the finest out there working today (and deserving of further recognition I would say). He and Kamaguchi both worked with the much-revered Paul Motian so they know his music. Mintz fits like a glove. Get this one if you like great piano trios and/or Motian's tunes.

As always, there's a lot more terrific music for you in this episode of One Man's Jazz. Enjoy!


  • Jasper Blom "Decidophobia" from Polyphony (Whirlwind) 00:00
  • Peter Hess "Follower" from Falling (Diskoknife) 08:47
  • Host speaks 15:52
  • Quantum Trio "And If Salfate Was Right" from Quality Music Studio (Self-released) 18:09
  • Georg Graewe, Damon Smith & Michael Vatcher "Pointedly Bent" from Unhesitating (Balance Point Acoustics) 28:16
  • Samuel Blaser "Mal's Blues" from Early In The Mornin' (Outnote) 33:27
  • Host speaks 39:30
  • Russ Lossing Trio "Mumbo Jumbo" from Motian Music (Sunnyside) 41:14
  • Russ Lossing Trio "Asia" from Motian Music (Sunnyside) 48:55
  • Cale Brandley & Triptych Myth "Evening Star" from Finding Fire (Birdwatcher) 55:01
  • Host speaks 59:17
  • Jacob Sacks "Ill Blues" from Fishes (Clean Feed) 59:58
  • Host speaks 1:05:12
  • Thomas Markusson Quartet "Folke" from Open (Footprint) 1:06:36
  • David Dominique "Invisibles" from Mask (Self-released) 1:18:37
  • John Dikeman "untitled" from October Meeting 2016 (Bimhuis) 1:22:36
  • Host speaks 1:32:20
  • Joris Roelofs, Ziv Taubenfeld & Joachim Badenhorst "Bolly Blood Blues" from October Meeting 2016 (Bimhuis) 1:33:26
  • Alder Ego "Blood Moon" from II (WeJazz) 1:39:50
  • Stephen D Coleman "Bodacious Cowgirls" from Takin' It To The Hollow (JazzJaunts) 1:45:22
  • Host speaks 1:48:35
  • Party Pack Ice "The Stephanies" from Party Pack Ice (pFmentum) 1:50:17
  • Carlos Bica's Azul "Believer" from Azul in Ljubljana (Clean Feed) 1:59:03
  • Host speaks 2:08:54
  • David Chevallier "Danse À Beurss" from Pyromanes (Self-released) 2:09:43
  • Andrea Keller & Miroslav Bukovsky "Knife In The Water" from The Komeda Project (Self-released) 2:16:58
  • Jonathan Finlayson "Tap Tap" from 3 Times Round (Pi) 2:24:57
  • Host speaks 2:32:15
  • Jasper Blom "Ciconia" from Polyphony (Whirlwind) 2:33:07
  • Bo Wiklund & Magnus Nyström "Turbulens" from Turbulence (Footprint) 2:41:22
  • Host speaks 2:51:24
  • Thomas Markusson Quartet "Open" from Open (Footprint) 2:52:25


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