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Unlimited 31 - Mary Halvorson "Ribbons of Euphoria"

Read "Unlimited 31 - Mary Halvorson "Ribbons of Euphoria"" reviewed by Luciano Rossetti

The 31st edition of Unlimited Festival, in Wels, titled “Ribbon of Euphoria," was curated by American guitarist Mary Halvorson. who organized a program focused on guitar-oriented groups, offering to the audience a wide range of improvised music. Performers included Halvorson, Stephan Crump, Ellery Eskelin, Tomas Fujiwara, Mira Lu Kovacs, Susana Santos Silva, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jessica ...


Sylvie Courvoisier/Mary Halvorson: Crop Circles

Read "Crop Circles" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Crop Circles is the inevitable meeting of two remarkable female artists. Both pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and guitarist Mary Halvorson have distinguished careers. Courvoisier in her quartet, her large ensemble, and Mephista (a trio with Ikue Mori and Susie Ibarra). Halvorson leads a trio, quintet, septet, octet and is a member multiple bands including Thumbscrew, Anthony Braxton's ...


Anthony Braxton: 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011

Read "3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

There is little in the extensive catalog of Anthony Braxton that falls into a customary compositional milieu. His more recently formed conceptual structure, Echo Echo Mirror House (circa 2011), succeeds Ghost Trance Music and Diamond Curtain Wall Music as a platform for his unique system of coded composing and improvising. On 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011, each ...


The Music Of Terry Riley, Miriam Makeba, Andy Warhol & Gil Evans

Read "The Music Of Terry Riley, Miriam Makeba, Andy Warhol & Gil Evans" reviewed by Martin Longley

Darmstadt Essential Repertoire/Ensemble LPR
(le) Poisson Rouge
November 4, 2014

This rendition of Terry Riley's “In C" was presented by a grouping that virtually has no name. The Darmstadt Essential Repertoire team (long associated with Brooklyn's Issue Project Room) have been presenting an annual invocation of this pioneering minimalist ...


Plymouth: Plymouth

Read "Plymouth" reviewed by Claudio Bonomi

Decisamente affascinanti le trame policrome, acide e vintage dei Plymouth, inedito combo dedito all'improvvisazione radicale animato dal tastierista Jamie Saft e dal chitarrista Joe Morris e che in questa nuova avventura associa una solida sezione ritmica formata dal bassista Chris Lightcap e dal batterista Gerald Clever. Dulcis in fundo i Plymouth si avvalgono in questa occasione ...


Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series at Roulette

Read "Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series at Roulette" reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

The Tri-Centric Orchestra
Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series
Brooklyn, NY
Sept. 24-25, 2013

Addressing the audience at Roulette on Sept. 24, halfway through the first of two nights of the Tri-Centric Presenting Series, trumpeter and foundation executive director Taylor Ho Bynum acknowledged the influence of Artistic Director and spiritual godfather ...


The Thirteenth Assembly: Station Direct

Read "Station Direct" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

«Where Is Brooklyn?», si chiedeva Don Cherry a metà degli anni Sessanta. Quasi mezzo secolo dopo, alla luce della nuova geografia musicale, dove sia Brooklyn non è più un mistero: esattamente al centro del jazz. È al di là dell'East River che si produce uno dei migliori “modern mainstream" del pianeta, distillato con amorevole cura da ...


Harris Eisenstadt: Full Steam Ahead

Read "Harris Eisenstadt: Full Steam Ahead" reviewed by James Pearse

As well as three current working (and touring) ensembles, a busy recording schedule and a flourishing teaching career, Toronto, Canada-born percussionist/composer Harris Eisenstadt is also a family man. Now settled in New York City, it's been a busy year, with four recordings-September Trio (Clean Feed, 2011), Canada Day III (Songlines, 2012), Canada Day II (Songlines, 2011), ...


Matthew Shipp Counts His Blessings for 2011

Matthew Shipp Counts His Blessings for 2011

Matthew Shipp's ten highlights of the year 1.The reception of my cd ”Art of the Improviser”. 2. Gigging with my trio with Michael Bisio and Whit Dickey,not only great players, but incredible people to share road life with. 3. Recording my upcoming 2012 CD Elastic Aspects with my trio of Bisio and Dickey. 4. Continuing to upset the applecart of the jazz ...


Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone: Departure of Reason

Read "Departure of Reason" reviewed by Troy Collins

Departure of Reason is guitarist Mary Halvorson and violist Jessica Pavone's fourth duo recording, following Thin Air (Thirsty Ear, 2009), On and Off (Skirl, 2007) and Prairies (Lucky Kitchen, 2005). As leading lights of the fertile Brooklyn scene, their unique musical vocabulary encompasses a wealth of seemingly unrelated genres, from flamenco and folk to madrigal and ...