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Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology

Read "Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology" reviewed by Duncan Heining

My intention here is to offer a detailed but inevitably incomplete chronology of poetry and jazz. The focus is solely on the combination of the two art forms in performance, not on poetry about jazz or jazz musicians or poetry inspired by jazz but not performed to music. My definition of 'poetry' is fairly broad and ...


Soft Machine: Hidden Details

Read "Hidden Details" reviewed by John Kelman

Following a series of releases for Moonjune Records under the moniker Soft Machine Legacy, beginning with 2005's Live in Zaandam and concluding, most recently, with 2013's Burden of Proof, this quartet consisting largely of members from the classic Canterbury group Soft Machine has finally decided to drop the “Legacy" and go it with the original name ...


Needlepoint: The Diary Of Robert Reverie

Read "The Diary Of Robert Reverie" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Norwegian band Needlepoint's fourth release for BJK is an intriguing one, full of vocal-based songs that twist and turn at every opportunity. The near-title track “Robert Reverie" contains a skilfully fast and labyrinthine guitar solo from Bjørn Klakegg, underpinned by wistful words, riff-laden bass and keyboards. and energetic, surgically precise drumming. By contrast, Nikolai Hængsle's Hugh ...


Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary

Read "Leonardo Pavkovic: Nothing is Ordinary" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

More than any other person, Leonardo Pavkovic has made me write some crazy shit.

Pavkovic is the primal force behind the joyously eclectic MoonJune Records, which he established in 2001. “Established" may not be the right word: “I am truly an unusual and rules breaking call-it-record-company with a 'label' identity despite the fact that ...


Mike Westbrook: Live 1972

Read "Live 1972" reviewed by Maurizio Comandini

La meritoria etichetta inglese Hux Records recupera un live piuttosto raro del 1972 che vede protagonista una versione molto ridotta, in termini numerici, della famosa orchestra jazz del pianista Mike Westbrook. Il periodo è quello della transizione verso il rock-jazz di un arrangiatore molto apprezzato sia dall'establishment jazzistico dell'epoca, sia dal nuovo pubblico che stava sempre ...


MoonJune Records Sampler: 75 Tunes, Nearly 8 Hours Of Music For Only $5

MoonJune Records Sampler: 75 Tunes, Nearly 8 Hours Of Music For Only $5

Progressive Music Exploring Boundaries Of Jazz, Rock, Ethno, Avant & The Unknown 75 tunes from 75 albums on MoonJune Records High-quality download in FLAC or/and MP3-320. A $10 contribution gives you an extra bonus album-download of your choice. A $15 contribution gives you an extra two bonus album-downloads of your choice. A $20 contribution gives you an extra three bonus album-downloads of your choice. "The ...


Ferdinando Faraò & Artchipel Orchestra: Play Soft Machine

Read "Play Soft Machine" reviewed by Claudio Bonomi

Rivisitare materiale altrui è sempre un'operazione ad alto rischio. Soprattutto quando si decide di riarrangiare composizioni che si considerano intoccabili o che raramente sono state oggetto di riscritture successive alle originali. Parliamo del repertorio dei Soft Machine e, in particolare, di quello risalente al periodo 1969-1971, stagione irripetibile e generosa di idee e situazioni messe in ...


Gilgamesh: Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into

Read "Gilgamesh: Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into" reviewed by John Kelman

Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into

Today's Rediscovery pays tribute to a musician who has been dead for over 30 years but whose brief body of work remains a seminal part of the British Canterbury scene that included groups like Soft Machine, Caravan and Hatfield and The North ...


Delta Saxophone Quartet e Gwilym Simcock al Teatro Manzoni di Milano

Read "Delta Saxophone Quartet e Gwilym Simcock al Teatro Manzoni di Milano" reviewed by Claudio Bonomi

Delta Saxophone Quartet feat. Gwilym Simcock
Aperitivo in Concerto
Teatro Manzoni
Milano -30.11.2014

Ma cosa c'entrano i King Crimson con il jazz? Siamo sinceri, poco o nulla. Se non fosse forse per la fortissima inclinazione all'improvvisazione che il gruppo guidato da Robert Fripp ha sempre avuto sin dalle sue origini ...


Soft Machine Legend Hugh Hopper 10-CD Set Of Unreleased Recordings To Be Released By Gonzo Multimedia

Soft Machine Legend Hugh Hopper 10-CD Set Of Unreleased Recordings To Be Released By Gonzo Multimedia

London, UK - Hugh Hopper and Soft Machine fans worldwide are rejoicing to the news of the pending release of HUGH HOPPER - DEDICATED TO HUGH, a 10-CD Archival Celebration of the music of bass guitarist, composer, Hugh Hopper comprised of previously unreleased Hi-Fidelity recordings. Compiled by Michael King, a Canadian Hugh Hopper Scholar, the CDs will be released individually, beginning ...