Kansas City Area Youth Jazz

Kansas City Area Youth Jazz

Musicians | Instrument: Band / ensemble / orchestra | Location: Kansas City

These young musicians were absolutely incredible!

Thank you so much for joining us for our annual meeting.

—Mazuma Credit Union

Updated: January 27, 2024

Youth Jazz is a premier student jazz artist opportunity that was founded in 2019 as a professional music industry experience.

The program has released several professional albums worldwide on the large Kansas City area based, ARC recording label.

  • Our approach is to engage the next generation of jazz artists in an applied performance environment.
  • Our philosophy is to develop selected jazz repertoire for refined performance opportunities through a high-level of understanding and musicianship.
  • Our vision is to attract the "best of the best" among the KC area youth jazz musicians.

What's unique about our process is the opportunity to allow the most accomplished jazz artists of our youngest generation of jazz artists a forum among peers to foster community and scene building organically each season. It's working.

Among the distinct and interesting facts about our program model is that students are exposed to and learn about both - the music and the business of jazz. And fellowships are full tuition-free scholarships that are awarded based upon the artistic and character merits of candidates.

There is no financial cost or other barriers to participation.

These factors set us apart from many jazz education programs.


Mr. Burnett returned home to the Kansas City area in 2001 after serving 22 years with military jazz bands. He worked with Leon A. Brady's famous jazz education program for five years (until Mr. Brady retired) and then with other jazz education programs. Mr. Burnett has valued Mr. Brady making himself available as a mentor with proven experience and success in the private jazz education arena. He even discussed the idea of starting this new program with Mr. Brady in 2012, well prior to the official launch of Kansas City Area Youth Jazz in 2019. More...


Ahmad Alaadeen
saxophone, tenor
Christopher Burnett
saxophone, alto
Pat Metheny
Charlie Parker
saxophone, alto
Bobby Watson
saxophone, alto
Patrick Cornelius
saxophone, alto
Logan Richardson
saxophone, alto
Greg Carroll
Arthur White
saxophone, tenor



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