Junius Paul, Alexandra Grimal & Fay Victor

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The concert tapes for the recent release of Sun Ra & The Arkestra recorded live in Poland in 1986 were sitting in a dusty basement in Kalisz, Poland all this time. Now recovered and mastered to today's standards, there's a worthy addition to Sun Ra's voluminous discography. On this week's show you'll hear a pair of tunes from that album, released by Lanquidity Records. A diligent Facebook user in Winnipeg tracked me down to make sure I got a misaddressed package containing some rather unique sounding music by French saxophonist Alexandra Grimal. Other excellent things turned up as well: Chicago bassist Junius Paul's new Ism, The Bad Plus' latest, a new album from singer Fay Victor, and new releases from Polish and Hungarian musicians. Have a listen. It's free.


  • Jaimie Branch "Nuevo Roquero Estereo" from Fly or Die II -Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem) 00:00
  • Host speaks 08:15
  • Sun Ra Arkestra "Children of the Sun" from Live in Kalisz 1986 (Lanquidity) 11:39
  • Sun Ra Arkestra "Improvised II" from Live in Kalisz 1986 (Lanquidity) 20:14
  • Chris Speed Trio "Casa Adela" from Respect for Your Toughness (Intakt) 27:09
  • Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Tony Orrell "The Blessing" from Bley School (577) 31:46
  • Host speaks 38:40
  • Byron Asher "Comité des Citoyens" from Skrontch Music (Sinking City) 40:37
  • Brian Shankar Adler "Gowanus" from Fourth Dimension (Chant) 48:16
  • Host speaks 53:35
  • The Bad Plus "Dovetail Nicely" from Activate Infinity (Edition) 54:22
  • Yves Robert, BrunoChevillon, Cyril Atef "Debarrasse Du Jesus Chrisme" from Captivate (BMC) 59:25
  • Mihaly Borbely Quartet}} "Dream of a Land" from Grenadilla (BMC) 1:04:10
  • Moments Notice Trio "VII" from Creation (BMC) 1:09:22
  • Host speaks 1:15:58
  • Alexandra Grimal "Meltemi" from Nāga (Ovni) 1:18:29
  • Nick Fraser, Kris Davis, Tony Malaby "Charismatics" from Zoning (Astral Spirits) 1:29:22
  • Host speaks 1:37:47
  • Maceij Sadowski Kwadrat "Dziadek Mróz part 1" from Jazz dla zwierząt (Animal Jazz) (Self-released) 1:39:29
  • Maceij Sadowski Kwadrat "Dziadek Mróz part 2 " from Jazz dla zwierząt (Animal Jazz) (Self-released) 1:44:52
  • Maceij Sadowski Kwadrat "Dziadek Mróz part 3 " from Jazz dla zwierząt (Animal Jazz) (Self-released) 1:51:28
  • Miles Davis "See I See" from Rubberband (Rhino) 1:54:34
  • Host speaks 1:58:44
  • Piero Bittolo Bon "Awesome African Apples" from This Is Sour Music (Trouble in the East) 1:59:00
  • Host speaks 2:08:31
  • Radek Wosko Atlantic Trio}} "Hesitation" from Surge (Multikulti Project) 2:09:43
  • Radek Wosko Atlantic Trio "Together Not Together" from Surge (Multikulti Project) 2:14:45
  • Kamila Drabek Tercet "Forever Late" from Muzyka Naiewna (Soliton) 2:20:44
  • Host Speaks 2:25:38
  • Junius Paul "Fred Anderson and a Half" from Ism (Intl. Anthem) 2:27:53
  • Junius Paul "Ma and Dad" from Ism (Intl. Anthem) 2:33:39
  • Daniel Carter, Billy Martin, Bradley Farberman "Supreme" from Just Don't Die (Ropeadope) 2:39:23
  • Daniel Carter, Billy Martin, Brad Farberman "Just Don't Die" from Just Don't Die (Ropeadope) 2:44:39
  • Fay Victor "There They Are" from Barn Songs (Northern Spy) 2:45:47
  • Host speaks 2:50:58
  • Old and New Dreams "Guinea" from Old and New Dreams (ECM) 2:52:51


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