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Multiple Reviews

Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Revolution on the F Train

Read "Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Revolution on the F Train" reviewed by J Hunter

Some of 2009's jazz is being made far from Manhattan Island, home to a number of the genre's biggest labels. However, the revolution is also happening on the other side of the East River, where the artist collective Brooklyn Jazz Underground is making its own breaks and its own discs. BJU just released their second brace of CDs, and there's no sophomore slump to be heard anywhere.

Arthur Kell Quartet Victoria (Live in Germany)


Multiple Reviews

Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Puzzles & Best of the West and Many Places

Read "Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Puzzles & Best of the West and Many Places" reviewed by Donald Elfman

Alexis Cuadrado Puzzles BJU Records 2007 Anne Mette Iversen Best of the West + Many Places BJU Records 2007

Brooklyn continues to be a beautifully complementary alternative to the New York scene. The music that comes out of this borough is bold and audacious yet also eminently listenable and highly engaging. ...


Album Review

Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Volume 1

Read "Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Volume 1" reviewed by Jon Ross

The second track on Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Volume 1, a compilation from Brooklyn's collective of independent musicians, is a shock. Sandwiched between the winding melody of bassist Alexis Cuadrado's “El Gran Profeta" and the addictive creativity of trombonist Alan Ferber's “Filin"--both tracks steeped in a contemporary jazz sound--"Jim White" seems out of place. At first listen, the chorale composed by trumpeter Shane Endsley seems antithetical to the Underground's aesthetic. The CD starts with heads and solos entrenched in bebop and ...



Alexis Cuadrado: A Jazz Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Read "Alexis Cuadrado: A Jazz Tree Grows in Brooklyn" reviewed by AAJ Staff

By Alexis CuadradoIt had been too many conversations; after gigs, on the subway, in airplanes, at the park. Always about similar subjects: Our struggles as bandleaders; how we set up a tour and it drained all of our energies; how we would have loved to have advance warning about that lousy club owner in France; how it would be so cool to figure out a way to open more doors for our own creative projects; how we really ...


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