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The Groove Project: Volume 1: Flights of Fantasy


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The Groove Project: Volume 1: Flights of Fantasy
Refreshing, new and innovative compositions from producer and guitarist Arun Shenoy and his eight-piece ensemble, The Groove Project. What you will hear is upbeat and energizing, good for keeping your pace up while exercising, running and powering through the day, and plenty left over for moving all night on the dance floor. There are some tracks where the groove relaxes and you can feel the tension fade away. There is diversity here, and inventiveness and creativity. There is emotion in each track. And you will fly.

The opener is "Home In The Sky" (4:25). The buoyant, hard-grooving track blazes out of the gate and sets a driving, energetic tone, pure emotion mixed with exactness and precision, with allowances for wind and the relentless pull of gravity. It's loaded with excitement right from the start with sax on top, big drums, soaring, sometimes wordless vocals and guitar. The vitality leaves the listener both shaken and stirred.

On "Beyond the Atmosphere" (4:24), the music and the emotions are pure, allowing the listener to connect to the energy and feelings that all people share, crisp and balmy, wheeling and soaring, swinging and looking downwards on the eagle's view, all muscular punch and sizzle. The sound includes a surprising, swinging airworthiness.

Fly away into the magic and mesmerising world of "Shadows" (3:31), with only those limitations required by regulation or that are necessary for the safe operation of our aircraft and with a sound that is even bigger and more vibrant. Ride a gryphon or a pegasus or a dragon on ultimately jamming flights of imagination.

Who else has seen the real reason birds sing? "To Be a Bird" (4:18) pushes the envelope, dancing the skies on laughter-silvered wings while it picks the tempo up, on a breeze doing some easy moves while keeping it steady, living and breathing, music that is feisty and creative and quick and bright. Let's just say that birds and beauty is pleasing.

Flying means leaving behind the problems of the ground, and with the track "Pilot" (4:19) the momentum spins and acrobatic flight commences. Feel the joy that swells within a new luxury airline, enjoy the rate of climb as you chase the shouting wind along, enjoying a performance that should be achieved when the aircraft is operated in accordance with operating limitations specified in the approved flight plan, while frequently preferring to try new concepts and push envelopes and just let the music flow.

The next track starts with a soulful feeling and breaks into the funk just on the edges. The sound of wings sweep the skies with fire and steel, the guitar lays the pattern here to let it flow and put a lot of passion and love into it. "First Flight" (4:19) is so graceful while it's gliding in the sky. It's beautiful to listen to when you wish to fly to infinity's vastness, to experience beauty, joy and peace. Jazz is a way to explore a more sensual side of acoustic artistry.

Flying is the wind in your face, and exploring mystery places on the Earth comes "Dreams" (4:46), featuring Vahagn Stepanyan. Because you love the chill of space, because it will melt away your cares. It's a great state of mind.

Land our plane enjoyably with the extended track "Imagine" (9:50), leaving us always hungry for fresh and exciting music that is high spirited, with just enough improvisation. Super catchy, there's an incredible energy and power here, dynamic beats and a little funky keyboard flamboyance, and infectious melodies.

A "flight of fancy" is defined in dictionaries as an imaginative but unrealistic idea. This music realistically brings the listener high into the air over the amazing landscapes of the earth, lusty and brilliant, richly melodious and memorable, full of passion and life, happy to chill out on occasion and listen to this longtime musical love, smooth jazz that will consistently engage our grooving spirits while inspiring us to chill and reduce the stress in our lives.

Track Listing

Home In the Sky; Beyond the Atmosphere; Ocean of Air; Gravity; Shadows; To Be a Bird; Never Touch the Ground; Leap of Faith; Pilot; First Flight; Bird on a Wire (Song for Mo); Dreams; Imagine.


Arun Shenoy: guitar; Matthew Shell: guitar; Lonnie Park: keyboards; Marcus Mitchell: saxophone; David Joubert: keyboards; Glenn Welman: drums; Hector Ruano: bass; Samituru: guitar; Vahagn Stepanyan: piano.

Album information

Title: Volume 1: Flights of Fantasy | Year Released: 2020 | Record Label: Self Produced

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