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Andreas Vollenweider: Slow Flow & Dancer

Read "Slow Flow & Dancer" reviewed by Robin B James

Instrumental music featuring the harps of Andreas Vollenweider, who plays his instruments traditionally, meaning in the classical style, and he plays in a jazzy way, and he plays in a new age style, and here for several tracks he rocks with an African beat. Remember, Vollenweider created the electro-acoustic harp in 1975, which changed everything.


Article: Album Review

Elizabeth Naccarato: A Southwest Story

Read "A Southwest Story" reviewed by Robin B James

The Southwest region of North America is full of adventure, beautiful scenery, barren rocks of the desert wilderness, lonely great-walled canyons, blending cowboy influences and Spanish traditions. What is heard on A Southwest Story is a consistently calm, very sensitive and well-arranged album of instrumental piano music with a bright Southwestern flavor. Sometimes Elizabeth Naccarato's piano ...


Article: Album Review

David Franklin: Passings

Read "Passings" reviewed by Robin B James

Deep and wonderful instrumental music, mostly acoustic guitar, sometimes with fretless bass, and sometimes just a piano with no guitar, always flowing and gently weighty. “Passing" can mean a play that involves one player throwing the ball, or a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something, and it can refer ...


Article: Album Review

Casserley / Illvibe / Morgan / Sjostrom: Live At The Club Polnischer Versager

Read "Live At The Club Polnischer Versager" reviewed by Robin B James

Four musicians, two songs, one clocking in at 32:06 minutes and the other at 23:39 minutes. The action takes place deep in outer space, the club is located in Berlin and the physical event was recorded in 2016. The four musicians had never before played together, but they are all professional players so the chemistry is ...


Article: Album Review

Jeffrey Morgan: Quasar-Mach

Read "Quasar-Mach" reviewed by Robin B James

Stark, electronic, space-age, experimental jazz by Jeffrey Morgan and friends, a gift from the 1980s when the left field was exuberant, loud and sometimes harsh. In those halcyon days, when you saw that a musician played more than one instrument on a tune, there was no multitracking, each musician would have an array of instruments laid ...


Article: Album Review

Jordan VanHemert: I Am Not A Virus

Read "I Am Not A Virus" reviewed by Robin B James

The craft is tight, the feeling is refreshing, the sound is quick and precise, and the gestalt brings the individual voices of the musicians into group form, taking turns soloing and working together, interpreting the now into the fabric of the groove. The album covers a full range of expressive energy. “The Path Ahead" (9:28) starts ...


Article: Album Review

Morgan & Casserley: Exoplanets

Read "Exoplanets" reviewed by Robin B James

Exoplanets is an album which explores the darkness that is all around us. Is it all catastrophe and despair? Clearly not, because science transcends emotions, and happiness survives negative emotions. Each of the track titles refers to a planet, the sound is experimental and cosmic, from the “free jazz" school of expression. In our local galaxy, ...


Article: Album Review

Thomas Peters: Lamentations

Read "Lamentations" reviewed by Robin B James

Inspirational instrumental meditations, quiet and serious, each intimately related by both structure and content into an overall singularity, and yet with each a separate work. Thomas Peters moves in a new artistic direction with his bowed NS Design® EU6 designed by the legendary Ned Steinberger, and a laptop computer. In the past, when he was creating ...


Article: Album Review

Samir Bodhi: Stairway To Nirvana

Read "Stairway To Nirvana" reviewed by Robin B James

Traditional Indian instruments and vocals blended with synthesizers, studio effects and electric guitar in an amazing cinematic sounding production. Strong, resonant sounds encourage directed attention on a journey through the stages of life, moving from the mournful to joyful, and eventually ascending to reach enlightenment, engaging with naturally restorative influences. Vana means “weaving" and ...


Article: Album Review

Jeff Coffin / Derek Brown: Symbiosis

Read "Symbiosis" reviewed by Robin B James

Rhyming dragons and synergetic saxophilia, in seven tracks. Two monsters of the single reed doing the sway. Oh, wait, what about the rhythm section? They brought their own! This duo has the intuitive chemistry that comes only from epochs of experience playing together. Jeff Coffin on tenor saxophone, bass flute, bass clarinet, and clarinet; one finishes ...


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