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Label: Red Records
Released: 2014
Track listing: Blues in the Closet; Blue Seven; Ammore; Stolen Moments; Another Blues; Mr. P.C.; Turn Around; Blues for Philly Joe; Birk’s Works; Things Ain’t What The Used to Be; Audrey.


C. Michael Bailey's Best Recordings of 2014

Read "C. Michael Bailey's Best Recordings of 2014" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

This year turned out to be a watershed of jazz and beyond vocals, instrumental jazz and important reissues. It was a year of music that further opened my eyes and ears to music I had not previously valued or considered. How short-sighted of me. Beat Kaestli Collage (B&B Productions)


Vittorio Gennari: Blues

Read "Blues" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Italian alto saxophonist Vittorio Gennari manages to keep together his band from his 2010 Melodies for another run on Blues, a recording he nominally shares with vibraphonist Daniele Di Gregorio. The two survey the sacred twelve bars much in the same way as Jackie McLean on his 1961 Bluesnik (Blue Note) or Jimmy Smith on Six ...

Italian Songs

Label: Red Record
Released: 2010


Label: Red Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: Besame Mucho; There Is No Greater Love; Lonely Woman; On The Sunny Side Of The Street; What Is This Thing Called Love?; Time After Time; Black Orpheus; Moanin'; Blue Moon; My Favorite Things; E La Pioggia Continua A Cadere; Lorenzo; Romolina.


Vittorio Gennari: Melodies

Read "Melodies" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Altoist Vittorio Gennari is scarcely a household word among jazz fans in his native Italy, let alone the wider world. Arriving on the scene late in life, after a long career playing in dance bands, Gennari was in his seventies when he cut his first record as a leader, The Sound (Red, 2006). Now, aged 76, ...


Label: Red Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: 1. Besame Mucho (C. Velasquez) - 6:37; 02. There is No Greater Love (I. Jones) - 4:49; 3. Lonely Woman (H. Silver) - 6:55; 4. On the Sunny Side of the Street (J. McHugh) - 5:27; 5. What is this Thing Called Love (C. Porter) - 4:34; 6. Time After Time (J. Styne) - 6:07; 7. Black Orpheus (L. Bonfà) - 6:33; 8. Moanin' (B. Timmons) - 5:05; 9. Blue Moon (Rodgers/Hart) - 6:25; 10. My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers) - 3:47; 11. E la pioggia continua a cadere (M. Tonelli) - 5:43; 12. Lorenzo (V. Gennari) - 4:03; 13. Romolina (R. Bachi) - 6:55.


Vittorio Gennari: Melodies

Read "Melodies" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Oltre ad essere un produttore, Sergio Veschi è anche uno scopritore di talenti, che sulla sua Red Records hanno lasciato tracce importanti. Se prima, quando il mercato era più facile da seguire, erano nomi americani o sudamericani, ad esempio Jim Snidero, Robert Stewart o Hector Costita Bisignani, che per un motivo o per l`ltro in patria ...


Label: Red Record
Released: 2008


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