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Spiritual Lover

Label: Clean Feed Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: Spiritual Lover; Valse; Cajun Christmas; Ando; Billy No Mates; Guacamole; La Rêve Eveillé; 50808; Like Surman; Here's That Rainy Day.

Spiritual Lover

Label: Clean Feed Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Spiritual Lover; 02. Valse; 03. Cajun Christmas; 04. Ando; 05. Billy No Mates; 06. Guacamole; 07. La Rêve Eveillé; 08. 50808; 09. Like Surman; 10. Here's That Rainy Day.


John Hébert: Spiritual Lover

Read "Spiritual Lover" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dopo la piacevole sorpresa di Byzantine Monkey - uno dei dischi che più ci aveva colpito lo scorso anno - il contrabbassista John Hébert accresce la propria discografia da leader con questo nuovo Spiritual Lover, per la portoghese Clean Feed. Rispetto al precedente lavoro, in cui Hébert aveva costruito un gioco di gruppo denso e stratificato, ...


John Hebert: Spiritual Lover

Read "Spiritual Lover" reviewed by Stuart Broomer

John Hébert's skills as a bassist have been amply apparent for several years, in projects that have called on rock-solid tone, time and pitch to imaginative free improvisation. But Byzantine Monkey (Clean Feed, 2009) demonstrated his substantial talents as a composer and bandleader, fronting a quintet/sextet dense in reeds and percussion. On Spiritual Lover he's taken ...


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