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Alan Pasqua: Keys That Unlock Many Doors

Read "Alan Pasqua: Keys That Unlock Many Doors" reviewed by Jim Worsley

Recently, and just a few days before Thanksgiving (2019), I was thankful for the opportunity to have two separate conversations with renown pianist Alan Pasqua. As generous with his time and candid commentary as he is talented as a musician and composer, both conversations crashed the one-hour mark. For you non mathematicians, that is over two ...


Oscar Peterson Trio - The Berlin Concert

Read "Oscar Peterson Trio - The Berlin Concert" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Oscar Peterson The Berlin Concert Inakustik (2007) Valutazione: 4 stelle Il trio di Oscar Peterson in concerto alla Filarmonica di Berlino. Che dire? Un classico dei classici. Il piacere di riascoltare un talento immenso, la rabbia (se così si può dire) nel vedere questo talento messo un po' troppo al servizio dello spettacolo, dell'esibizione tecnica fine ...


Saturday Night at the Blue Note - Live at the Blue Note - Encore at the Blue Note - ...Last Call at the Blue Note

Read "Saturday Night at the Blue Note - Live at the Blue Note - Encore at the Blue Note - ...Last Call at the Blue Note" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Oscar Peterson Saturday Night at the Blue Note / Live at the Blue Note / Encore at the Blue Note / ...Last Call at the Blue Note Telarc Records (1990 - rist. 2005 - distr. IRD) Valutazione: 4 stelle Molti trattati mettono in evidenza la derivazione di Oscar Peterson da Art Tatum. Giustissimo, ma la differenza ...


Oscar Peterson Trio '77

Read "Oscar Peterson Trio '77" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Oscar Peterson Trio Oscar Peterson Trio '77 Eagle Rock Entertainment 2005 The combination of Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Niels Pedersen in performance could well lead one to salivate at the prospect of listening to them play. It does, and as well, succeeds to a great extent. All ...


Oscar Peterson Trio: Vancouver, 1958

Read "Vancouver, 1958" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Vancouver, 1958, a sequel to last year's Tenderly, documents a live performance toward the end of the lifespan of the early Peterson/Ellis/Brown trio, displaying the same patient warmth, outrageous swing, calculated calm, and lightning flashes that have always been essential to the Peterson sound. Some say Oscar Peterson is just a (highly capable) mechanic, ...


Label: Justin Time Records
Released: 2002
Track listing: Alone Together; How About You; The Surry with the Fringe on Top; The Music Box Suite aka Daisy's Dream; A Foggy Dream; The Gypsy in My Soul; My Funny Valentine; Patricia; Pogo; Tenderly.


Oscar Peterson Trio: Tenderly

Read "Tenderly" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Listening to pianist Oscar Peterson always triggers a profound sense of nostagia. The very first jazz recording I ever owned was a Peterson trio disc, long since lost to the winds. The memory sticks, though. Oscar Peterson has made a huge number of recordings in a variety of settings, from solo to orchestral, from piano to ...


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