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For over fifty years, Jan Akkerman (b. 1946) has been one of Holland’s most respected guitarists. In addition to his leading role in the globally acclaimed bands like The Hunters, Brainbox, Focus and collaborated with many local and international artists, in his solo projects, Akkerman has combined rock, jazz, blues, classical music and dance in his own distinctive style. Throughout his respected career, Akkerman has appeared on worldwide stages. Besides several gigs at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival, he has played on countless tours around theatres and various stages, also performing far beyond Europe in countries/comtinents like Japan, Russia, Syria, North & South America and Australia. Since early 2012, Jan has revived his old Brainbox times with the start of My Brainbox, featuring ex-Vandenberg singer Bert Heerink


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Jan Akkerman And Friends at Café de Noot

Read "Jan Akkerman And Friends at Café de Noot" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Jan Akkerman And Friends Café de Noot Hoogland, The Netherlands December 28, 2019 Is there a more exciting electric guitarist on the planet than Jan Akkerman? For most of those packing out Café de Noot the answer is no. When Akkerman is on form there are few electric six-stringers to ...


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Focus: 11

Read "11" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

If the artwork looks familiar, yes, it's by Roger Dean who created album cover artwork for progressive rock icons, Yes, Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep and other notables. Dean continues his phantasmagoric images via his work for this pivotal 1970s and 80s Dutch prog unit, Focus for its 11th studio album, featuring founder Thijs van Leer (keys, ...


The Complete Jan Akkerman

Label: Red Bullet
Released: 2018
Track listing: CD1 (Talent for Sale, 1968): Bags Groove; Revival of the Cat; Moonbeam; Mercy, Mercy, Mercy; On the Green Light; What'd I Say; Slim Jenkin's Place; Hineimatov; Green Onions; Ode to Billy Joe; Comin' Home Baby.

CD2 (Profile, 1972): Fresh Air (Must Be My Land - Wresting to Get Out - Back Again - The Fight - Fresh Air, Blue Notes for Listening - Water and Skies Are Telling Me - Happy Gabriël?); Kemps Jig; Etude; Blue Boy; Andante Sostenuto; Maybe Just a Dream; Minstrel / Farmers Dance; Stick.

CD3 (Tabernakel, 1973): Britannia by John Dowland; Coranto for Mrs. Murcott by Francis Pilkington; The Earl of Derby, His Galliard by John Downland; House of the King; A Galliard by Anthonie Holborne; A Galliard by John Downland; A Pavan by Thomas Morley; Jaweh; A Fantasy of Laurencini of Rome; Lammy (I Am - Asleep, Half Asleep, Awake - She Is, Lammy - We Are, The Last Will and Testament - Amen).

CD4 (Eli / Transparental, 1976 / 1980): Eli: Eli; Guardian Angel; Tranquilizer; Can't Fake a Good Time; There He Still Goes; Strindberg; Wings of Strings; Naked Actress; Fairytale. Transparental: Inspiration; Apocalypso; Concentrate, Don't Hesitate; Transparental; I Don't Take It Much Longer; Marsha; You're Not the Type; The Party is Over.

CD5 (Jan Akkerman, 1977): Crackers; Angel Watch; Pavane; Streetwalker; Skydancer; Floatin'; Gate to Europe.

CD6 (Tony Scott featuring Jan Akkerman: Prism, 1977): Silmarillion; The Offering; Blues Blues Blues and Then Some More Blues; Under the Bo Tree.

CD7 (Jan Akkerman & Claus Ogerman: Aranjuez, 1977): Adagio from 'Concierto de Aranjez'; Nightwings; Mondinha (Preludio); Españoleta; Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte; Love Remembered; The Seed of God (from 'Magdalena'); Bachinanas Brasileiras No. 5.

CD8 (Live, 1978): Transitory; Skydancer; Pavane; Crackers; Tommy; Azimuth.

CD9 (Jan Akkerman 3, 1979): Stingray (Get Up With That); Wait and See; Funk Me; This is the One; Nightprayer; Time Out of Mind.

CD10 (Oil in the Family, 1981): Oil in the Family; Formula N-One; Disco-O-Asis; No Doubt About It; Family Reprise; Blue in the Shadow.

CD11 (Pleasure Point, 1982): Valdez; Heavy Pleasure; Cool in the Shadow; Visions of Blue; C.S.; Bird Island; Atlantan Dew (bonus); Laurie's Dance (bonus); Angel Blue (bonus); Halfway (bonus); 35 Seconds (bonus); Waterfalls of Eden (bonus); Desiderata (bonus); Terra Pax?! (bonus); Guilty By Association (bonus); Communion & Procession (bonus); Near Odessa (bonus); Anne Mia (bonus).

CD12 (It Could Happen to You, 1982): Old Tennis Shoes; Come Closer; Funkology (Baby Start - One Way - Free); It Could Happen to You (Free Together).

CD13 (Can't Stand Noise, 1983): Piétons; Everything Must Change; Back to the Factory; Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy); Heavy Treasure; Just Because; Who Knows; Crackers (bonus); Burger's Blues (Intro) (bonus); Prima Donna (bonus); Sketches of Pleasure (bonus).

CD14 (From the Basement, 1984): Headbanger; All Along the Watchtower; Dark Rose; Wallenberg (Dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg); From the Basement; P.C.B. Chicken; Status Quo; The Love Is Uneven Suite (She Let Me Do What I Want - Blues From the Tews - Cherubim & Sepharim - She Can't Say Don't - Part 1, Took Her to Locronan - Part 2, Then Rollright Stones (The Tews) - No More Parking) (bonus); When I Was a Cocktail in a Waitress Bar (bonus); Ellington's Way.

CD15 (Heartware, 1987): My Pleasure; Just Because, So!; Lost & Found; Heartware; Winterborn, Lyric; Lonely Street of Dreams; Firenze; Apollo's Mask (bonus); Dancing in Chains (Not S.M.) (bonus); Dompteuse Du Serpent (bonus); Fire From Heaven (bonus); Almost Dawn (bonus); Agony & Ecstasy (bonus); Akkermani (bonus); Luxemburger (bonus).

CD16 (The Noise of Art, 1990): Trojan Horse; You Can't Keep a Bad Man Up; Bonnavilla; Shame On You; Having Fun; Prima Donna; Prelude: Friends Always; Akkerman's Sombrero; My Pleasure; Quiet Storm.

CD17 (Puccini's Cafe, 1993): Burger's Blues; Your Eyes in the Whiskey; Spanish Roads; Key to the Highway; It Comes & Goes; Albatross; Blue Train; Love is Uneven; Puccini's Cafe.

CD18 (Blues Hearts, 1994): Wake Up!; Blues Route '94; Milestones; Red Pool House Blues; No Gossip; Virgin Mary; Traffic Jam; Mercy, Mercy, Mercy; Soft Focus.

CD19 (Focus in Time, 1996): Home Voyage (Intro - Where Would I Be - I'll Make It Up to You - Extro); Saudade; Nail the Snake; Après Un Rêve; Am I Losing You; Wildflower; On the Table; Elegy; Laurie Anne; Leading Me There; I'll Find My Own Way Home.

CD20 (10,000 Clowns On a Rainy Day, CD1, 1997): Intro (10,000 Clowns); Puccini's Cafe; Skydancer; Eruptions (Orpheo - Questions Answers - Distant Drums - Pupilla - Tommy - Answers Questions - The New Bridge - Orpheo); Focus 2; Pre Madonna; Virgin Mary; Soft Focus; Pedestrians (Miss En Scene - Nico's Delight - J's 2000 Flight - Stealth - Hocus Pocus); No Hang UPS.

CD21 (10,000 Clowns On a Rainy Day, CD2, 1997): On the Table (Sylvia - Under the Table - Spanish Wood - Antonio (drum solo) - Leaving the Church Before Singin' - Manuel (bass solo) - On the Table - Sylvia's Grandmother); Am I Losing You; Wake Up; Focus 3; Weedstalker; Akkerstones; Pool House; Quiet Storm.

CD22 (Passion, 1999): Suite 1 (David's Harp Song - Wildflower - Across the Bridge - In Amorata - Always - David's Harp Song); Suite 2 (Monkey - Sweethearts - Close Enough - Central Park - Ab-so-rocking-lutely - D.Jan.Go - Mary); Mon Amour; Tranquilizer; Classic Gaz; Fellini's Restaurant; Passion; Countess of Pembrooks Paradise; Muy Linda; The Knight of the Lute; Whispering / Liebestraum.

CD23 (C.U., 2003): See You; In Between the Sheets; I'm In the Mood; Dance the Blues Away; Cottonbay; Kloenk; Blowing; Slow Man; Urbanstring.

CD24 (Minor Details, 2011): Free Wheeling; Big Sir; Dinner Time; Love Train; Blind Baby; Minor Details; Joy; Fernando's Minibar; Kharman Chantalah; Searching for Angela; As Long As You're Near; San Frisky; The Arrogant Frogs; Mena Muria.

CD25 (My Focus, 2018): Exodus (Johnny and His Cellar Rockers); Melody in F Rock (Johnny and His Cellar Rockers); Russian Spy and I (The Hunters); Down Man (Brainbox); Summertime (Brainbox); House of the King (Focus); Le Clouchard (Focus); Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! (Focus); Love Remembered (Focus); Elspeth of Nottingham (Focus); Hocus Pocus (Live, Focus); Out of Vesuvius (Focus); Hamburger Concerto (Starter - Rare - Medium I - Medium II - Well Done - One For the Road) (Focus).

CD26 (Akkerarchives, 2018): Crackers (demo); Angel Watch (demo); Stingray (Get Up With That) (demo); A Family in the Oil; Come Closer (demo); General Buckshot & The Blues Waffle; Yoyo Working; Song For the Millennium; Plaisir d'Amour; Anonymous 4 Blues; She's Gone; Payin' For It Now.


Article: Profile

The Complete Jan Akkerman: Focusing on a Life's Work

Read "The Complete Jan Akkerman: Focusing on a Life's Work" reviewed by John Kelman

He may be largely regarded as the most influential guitarist to emerge from the Netherlands, a country that, bordering on the North Sea, is roughly one-quarter the physical size of England and, with a current number of about seventeen million, has just one-third the population of the UK's largest country. Still, despite garnering major in-country recognition, ...


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Robin Taylor: Evidence

Read "Robin Taylor: Evidence" reviewed by Dave Wayne

2013 was a banner year of sorts for Robin Taylor and his band, Taylor's Universe. The Copenhagen-based composer, keyboardist, and guitarist completed two albums Evidence, and Worn Out (Marvel of Beauty, 2013) and both stand among his finest work. A studio-bound aggregation, Taylor's Universe specializes in very personal and distinctive take on progressive rock. Instead of ...


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Dusseldorf Jazz Rally Launches 19th Edition

Dusseldorf Jazz Rally Launches 19th Edition

The consistently blossoming Dusseldorf jazz Rally kicks off its 19th weekend run from June 10th through 12th with another swinging schedule that should delight all fans, and specifically those seeking a predominantly “true jazz" program. The Jazz Rally is a major gathering with Western Euro status that comes from the focused range and depth of the ...


News: Festival

Dusseldorfer Jazz Rallyturns 18 with a Big Spring Swing

The Dusseldorf “Jazz Rally" has established a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier early summer engagements in the European festival scene. This year's edition runs from Thursday May 20th to Sunday May 23rd. Besides a sterling selection of talent, Dusseldorf provides a vibrant backdrop for a widespread mix of venues, street concerts and people watching. ...


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