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Tin Fish Tango

Label: Formed Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. Tin Fish Tango; 02. Bright Side; 03. Huff-A-Round; 04. No Spill, Spew! (improvisation); 05. Strollin' with Sidney; 06. Life Lite; 07. Big Bang Theory; 08. Pelican Down (improvisation); 09. The Kroop; 10. Love's Wildest Talent; 11. Jugs; 12. Lost to the Vapors (improvisation); 13. Diddlin'. Tutte le composizioni sono di Mark McGrain.


Plunge: Tin Fish Tango

Read "Tin Fish Tango" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Contrabbasso, trombone, sassofono, con l'aggiunta in qualche brano del sousaphone, ossia come riprodurre in versione ridotta una tipica marchin' band di New Orleans, visto che proprio dalla storica città della Louisiana provengono i protagonisti di Tin Fish Tango. Mark McGrain, trombonista e autore di tutti i brani presenti, pesca a piene mani nella tradizione della città ...

Dancing on Thin Ice

Label: Formed Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: 1. Friday Night at the Top - 06:47; 2. Life of a Cipher - 06:34; 3. Orion Rising - 04:30; 4. Luminata No. 257 - 05:43; 5. One Man's Machine - 05:57; 6. Opium - 05:49; 7. Dancing on Thin Ice - 05:10; 8. Missing Mozambique - 04:12; 9. Jugs March In - 00:58; 10. The Praise Singer - 04:05; 11. Skickin' Away - 02:00. Tutte le composizioni sono di Mark McGrain.


Plunge: Dancing on Thin Ice

Read "Dancing on Thin Ice" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Plunge è costituito da tre jazzisti di New Orleans di età compresa fra i trenta e i quarant'anni. L'aspetto più pregevole di Dancing on Thin Ice, seconda fatica discografica del trio registrata nell'aprile 2009, è la concezione compositiva: tutti i brani, a firma del trombonista, presentano una certa varietà e impronte decise. Il brano d'apertura è ...

Snake's Eye

Label: Formed Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: Eat First; Facing Outwards; Turn Inwards and Perform; Quickly Ousted; Illegal Technique; Another Part of the Body; The Draw.


Label: Formed Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: SLW.


Vorwolf: Snake's Eye

Read "Snake's Eye" reviewed by John Eyles

Vorwolf is the percussion duo of Michael Vorfield and Christian Wolfarth, hence the composite group name. Snake's Eye consists of seven medium length tracks, none over twelve minutes. The expectations of a percussion duo will be challenged as there are not too many rhythms or breaks here that could be sampled to form the basis of ...


Burkhard Beins / Lucio Caprece / Rhodri Davies / Toshimaru Nakamura: SLW

Read "SLW" reviewed by John Eyles

From Germany, Argentina, Wales, and Japan, an international super group no less! Just reading the participants' names raises one's hopes about this music and sets the pulse racing. Although this foursome has not recorded together before, through various collaborations too complex to detail here (including Elektro-Akoestisch Ensemble, The Sealed Knot, Q-O2, and the 2008 release on ...

Snake's Eye

Label: Formed Records
Released: 2008


Label: Formed Records
Released: 2008


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