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Label: Domino Records (UK)
Released: 2019
Track listing: Nascence; Riverfest; Last Straw; Partner Girlfriend Lover; EU (Emotionally Unavailable); Blume; Equanimous; Swift; Unbound; Blume ii.


Nerija: Blume

Read "Blume" reviewed by Chris May

Nérija is a collective comprising seven of the brightest stars on London's alternative jazz scene—alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi and tenor saxophonist Nubya Garcia, trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, trombonist Rosie Turton, guitarist Shirley Tetteh, bassist Rio Kai and drummer Lizy Exell. All are bandleaders in their own right. You would expect such a line-up to deliver the goods ...


Label: Domino Records (UK)
Released: 2007
Track listing: ACT ONE (Lost in Noise): Stay Tuned, Just as You Are, You You, A.W.O.L., Anachronist; ACT TWO (The Here and Now): A Beautiful Peace, Be Serious, On the Town Square, Mob Rule, A Beautiful War, Out of the Blue; ACT THREE (Away With the Fairies): Del Mondo, Cancion de Julieta, Pastafari, Fragment, Hasta Siempre Comandante.


Label: Domino Records (UK)
Released: 2007
Track listing: Welcome; Daxaar; Jiggy Jiggy; Dabronxxar; Big G's Family; Don't Look Back.


Steve Reid Ensemble: Daxaar

Read "Daxaar" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tornato negli anni più recenti all'attenzione di critica e pubblico, in particolare grazie alla collaborazione con il musicista elettronico Kieran Hebden [Fourtet] [leggi la recensione di The Exchange Sessions Voll. 1 & 2], l'ormai sessantenne batterista Steve Reid ha un rapporto speciale con l'Africa. Dopo avere debuttato giovanissimo dietro i tamburi di Martha & The Vandellas ...


Steve Reid Ensemble: Daxaar

Read "Daxaar" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Forty years have passed since drummer Steve Reid journeyed for three years in Africa, learning the roots of rhythm with master percussionist Guy Warren and in the band of Fela Kuti. For Steve Reid, returning to the continent of rhythm to record Daxaar in Senegal is no mere nostalgia trip: “The first time I went to ...


Steve Reid Ensemble: Daxaar

Read "Daxaar" reviewed by Chris May

At age 62, most people are slowing down a little, taking fewer risks and carefully pre-planning their activities. Not so Steve Reid. The Bronx-born drummer, whose recording debut, aged 19, was on Martha & The Vandellas' iconic “Dancing In The Street," and who went on to work with many of the “new thing" movers and shakers ...


Robert Wyatt: Comicopera

Read "Comicopera" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

[Avvertenza preliminare: se fate parte della nutrita schiera di coloro ai quali vengono i lucciconi agli occhi al solo sentire la voce di Robert Wyatt [ne fa parte anche chi scrive], potete anche risparmiare un paio di minuti della vostra vita e andare a comprare Comicopera senza leggere nemmeno una riga di questa recensione]. A quattro ...


Robert Wyatt: Comicopera

Read "Comicopera" reviewed by John Kelman

More ambitious than anything he's done before while, at the same time, more interactive, intimate and live sounding, Comicopera represents another milestone for singer/songwriter Robert Wyatt. It's not just that he's using a larger group of musicians for the record, making for the broadest musical canvas yet; but this three act opera (of sorts) consolidates many ...


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