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Live From Brussels: Turkish Psychedelic Nite, Charlemagne Palestine & Anna Von Hausswolff

Read "Live From Brussels: Turkish Psychedelic Nite, Charlemagne Palestine & Anna Von Hausswolff" reviewed by Martin Longley

Selda Bağcan & Boom Pam/Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek/Gaye Su Akyol Ancienne Belgique May 24, 2018 Situated close to the Grand Place, Ancienne Belgique is a key Brussels venue, with an adventurous approach to programming. Its main stage boasts a precisely-delivering sound system, where clarity becomes power, and all instruments ...

Kit Downes and Tom Challenger: Organ Crawling

Read "Kit Downes and Tom Challenger: Organ Crawling" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Pianist-organist Kit Downes is one of the brightest and most articulate talents to emerge from the British and European scenes in recent times. His refusal to be pinned down to any specific career path or musical trajectory is to his credit but even more so is his ability to produce authentic music without compromise across style, ...

An Aural Symbiotic Mystery

Released: 2007
Track listing: 1. An Aural Symbiotic Mystery


Charlemagne Palestine & Tony Conrad: An Aural Symbiotic Mystery

Read "An Aural Symbiotic Mystery" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ritrovarli nuovamente insieme, a trent’anni dal loro incontro, ha inevitabilmente il sapore dell’evento, del cerchio che si chiude. Charlemagne Palestine e Tony Conrad sono stati due giganti del minimalismo storico (il secondo si può ben dire che, praticamente, l’abbia inventato - ma qui si entrerebbe in una querelle che coinvolge l’ex amico LaMonte Young, e veramente ...


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