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Label: B&B Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: 1 Little Sunflower - 2 Lazy Afternoon - 3 I Feel You - 4 Crystal Silence - 5 Old Devil Moon - 6 Invitation - 7 The Contessa; 8 Strays - 9 Ode to Max

Fire Dance

Label: B&B Records
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. CURSE OF THE LOCUSTS 5:55 - 2. DAYLIGHT SAVING 5:01 - 3. SAND DUNES 4:15 - 4. HARVEST SEASON 4:37 - 5. FIRE DANCE 4:56 - 6. THE PRINCESS 7:26 - 7. ROUND DANCE 4:12 - 8. FLASH BACK 7:08 - 9. THE QUEST 4:55 - 10. REAPING SPELL 4:57 - 11. RITUAL 4:20

Golden Lady

Label: B&B Records
Released: 2014
Track listing: Wild is the Wind - The Day It Rained - Turned to Blue - Save Your Love for Me - I Don’t Remember Ever Growing Up - I Live to Love You - This is All I - Ask; Golden Lady - If You Went Away - Someone to Light Up My Life - A Little Tear


Beata Pater: Golden Lady

Read "Golden Lady" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Beata Pater's vocal expertise is about shape, texture and the nuance informing both. Pater's B&B Records color-inspired trilogy, Black (2006), Blue> (2011) and Red (2013) was a critically well-received series that demonstrated the singers mastery of wordless singing in a large band format, pushing the creative envelope to the edge of its capacity. Pater's self-claimed influences ...


Label: B&B Records
Released: 2013
Track listing: Butterfly - Ahmar - Bachnova - Sir Doug of Edwards - Big Red - Bis - Lady Carmen - Praise - Rany Bombay - Red Clay - Tragic Beauty - Vermelho


Beata Pater: Red

Read "Red" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'estroversa cantante e violinista polacca firma il terzo capitolo della sua personale serie a colori. Dopo aver confermato di saper ben interpretare il classico repertorio degli standards con Black (2006) e introdurre nuove prospettive col successivo Blue (2011) in quest'album oltrepassa decisamente i confini del modern mainstream confrontandosi con generi diversi: fusion, bossa nova, latin jazz, ...


Beata Pater: Red

Read "Red" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Polish vocalist/composer/violinist Beata Pater, as of late in San Francisco, releases Red, the third recording in her “colors" series following Black (B&B, 2006) and Blue (B&B, 2011). She specializes in the no-lyrics singing that is related to, but not exactly the same as scat singing. Much of this is present on Red where, an expressive and ...


Label: B&B Records
Released: 2011
Track listing: 01. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) - 4:40 02. 3/4 (Pater) - 4:24 03. West Wind (Little) - 4:31 04. Freedom Song (Little) - 4:03 05. Groove Ensemble (Pater/Little) - 3:00 06. Southbound Train (Komeda) - 2:24 07. Mr. Tad (Pater/Little) - 4:24 08. Rokminoff (Little) - 3:59 09. No Go Sleep (Komeda) - 6:17 10. The Little Prince (Pater/Little) - 6:22 11. Fly Strip (Pater/Little) - 5:32 12. Sludgekee (Pater/Little) - 6:17 13. Blue in Green (Miles Davis) - 4:16


Label: B&B Records
Released: 2006
Track listing: 1 Summer Wind 2 Something Happens to Me 3 Moon River 4 Blue Skies 5 I Could Write a Book 6 September in the Rain 7 Nice & Easy 8 Beautiful Love 9 Time After Time 10 Fly Me to the Moon 11 Just Squeeze Me 12 The Very Thought of You 13 I’ll Be Seeing You


Label: B&B Records
Released: 1999
Track listing: Blue Skies, Summertime,Sentimental Mood, Sunny,My Funny Valentine, Autumn Leaves, God Only Knows, Meditation, Blue Moon, Willow Weep for Me


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