Marbin: Strong Thing

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Marbin consists of saxophonist Danny Markovitch, drummer Everette Benton Jr, guitarist Dani Rabin, and bassist Jon Nadel. Marbin has previously released seven albums: Marbin (Self-released, 2009), Breaking the Cycle (MoonJune, 2011), Last Chapter of Dreaming ( MoonJune, 2013), The Third Set (MoonJune, 2014), Aggressive Hippies (Marbin Music, 2015), Goatman and the House of the Dead (Marbin Music, 2016), and Israeli Jazz (Marbin Music, 2018). Their eighth album, Strong Thing, contains ten originals based in the jazz-rock fusion style.

"Messy Mark" opens the album with a melody that broods with a signature sound for which Marbin has become known. Rabin's distorted strat sound is ideal for the jazz-rock fusion style; with its involved melody, doubled by Markovitch and Rabin, the tune pulsates with an edgy satisfaction. Rabin's solo begins with a relaxed feel from Benton and Nadel. The language of the blues is intertwined in the ensemble's approach as they build the energy to a frenzy. The feel is electrifying, but never rushed as the three musicians focus in and build the solo. Markovitch's solo commences with him playing a duet with Benton, but soon the rest of the ensemble joins in and the energy is built back into the full force of the Marbin sound.

"Itchybun" ruminates with a full-on rock figure, with Rabin leading the way. The melody is again presented with Markovithc and Rabin creating their magical tutti sound. The composition has varying sections which feature different feels and intensity. Markovitch's solo offers an authentic fusion jazz feel. The six-eight feel is built upon, and the ensemble develops into a roaring sound which allows Markovitch to shine. The ensemble has a vibe that is balanced, and each player builds to create a musical experience that is purposeful and has direction, a cornerstone signature to the band's sound.

Marbin continues to build a laudable discography. Strong Thing builds upon the successful elements of their previous albums, but also harnesses that energy and takes it to a combustible forward propulsion. Their tunes offer a melodic sensibility which is hinged on a biting sound that satiates. A strong addition to their ever-growing discography.

Track Listing

Messy Mark; Spank Tank; Just a Little Bit (part 1); Just a Little Bit (part 2); Alabama Sock Party; Itchybun; Strong Thing (part 1); Strong Thing (part 2); Fisticuffs (part 1); Fisticuffs (part 2).


Danny Markovitch: saxophone; Everette Benton Jr.: drums; Dani Rabin: guitar; Jon Nadel: bass.

Album information

Title: Strong Thing | Year Released: 2019 | Record Label: Self Produced



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