Colin Trusedell: Quartet of Jazz Death

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Bassist Colin Trusedell made his recording debut with the very fine Some of My Best Friends Are... Divas. This recording, by relative unknowns, late of Armed Forces service, put together a cogent and well-focused jazz vocal recording that intelligently surveyed the American Songbook. Scoring such a success, what does Trusedell do for a follow-up? He goes in a diametrically opposing direction with Quartet of Jazz Death.

The disc open with a cacophony of jazz sounds mashed together, like entangled electromagnetic wave traveling in space and being picked up by some ancient detector, like an AM radio receiver. Then the sound becomes decidedly 21st Century by way of 1990s contemporary jazz. Drummer Stefan Flores lays down a Stanton Moore vibe that is quickly filled in with Trusedell's percolating five-string electric bass. Guitarist Steve Langemo quickly establishes his fusion chops just ahead of keys player Shawn Hanlon. "Truckin' with Timmy" is a slinky traditional head mixed in with some crazy time changes. Think an updated "Blue Rondo a la Turk." Langemo spreads on the church before switching to all things modern. This is an excellently conceived piece by Truesdell, who has composed all eleven pieces on this release.

On this and his debut recording Truesdell proves himself a funky melodic bassist with a keen and well-studied ear for arrangement and improvisation. The two recordings support his depth and breadth as a musician and composer. In a field as choked as that of adult contemporary jazz, Trusedell carves himself out a place where he can both have fun and take himself seriously. That is an enviable place to be.

Track Listing

The Escape; Truckin’ With Timmy; Darkness of April; By Design; wide Open; Intermission Riff; Recklessly Evolving; Freedom Gate; Soaring; Creator; The Pursuit.


Colin Trusedell: electric bass; Steve Langemo: electric guitar; Shawn Hanlon: keyboards; Stefan Flores: drums; John Dawson: tenor saxophone (9. 10).

Album information

Title: Quartet of Jazz Death | Year Released: 2014 | Record Label: Self Produced



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