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Nona Hendryx and Gary Lucas: The World Of Captain Beefheart

Read "The World Of Captain Beefheart" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Gary Lucas has been a long time fan of the one-of-a-kind mutant rock-jazz-blues of Captain Beefheart. This led to his being part of Beefheart's Magic Band in the '80s and to his revisiting the music after Beefheart's 1985 retirement in various formats including a raucous jazz tribute band, Fast 'n' Bulbous. This time he goes back ...


Gary Lucas, Enikö Szabó, Tóni Dezsö: Pearly Clouds

Read "Pearly Clouds" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Del sessantaquattrenne Gary Lucas, da decenni guru di un chitarrismo che al di là delle varie mode terminologiche ci sentiremmo di definire veramente “trasversale," sappiamo parecchio. Molto meno dei suoi due partner in questo singolare album, in cui emerge la sua anima più prossima al song nella sua accezione più larga.

Enikö Szabó ...


Brooklyn Blowhards: Brooklyn Blowhards

Read "Brooklyn Blowhards" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Lo spirito di Albert Ayler volteggia amabilmente sopra questo album (cinque brani suoi più svariati traditionals del tipo che il sassofonista di Cleveland amava riesumare a suo modo), nella rivisitazione dell'ottetto capitanato da Jeff Lederer (suoi tutti gli arrangiamenti, la produzione, e anche un brano, il penultimo, “The Language of Resistance").

Vi campeggia, ...


Jeff Lederer's Brooklyn Blowhards: Brooklyn Blowhards

Read "Brooklyn Blowhards" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Imagine seeing a despondent Albert Ayler walking around Brooklyn on a cold November day in 1970, with his tenor saxophone under his arm. Some say he threw himself into the East River, a suicide by drowning. His loss, our loss, was one a true original voices in jazz.

Now picture Ayler with a copy ...


Gary Lucas' "Fleischerei": Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons

Read "Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons" reviewed by Mark Corroto

The hip kids knew what to look for in those Saturday morning cartoons. It was the early Warner Brothers' animations and the black-and-white Popeye and Betty Boop cartoons. Insider jokes, stabs at the government and popular figures, and sexual innuendo were commonplace, even if we didn't quite get the meanings. Each were politically incorrect, before there ...


Gary Lucas & Jann Klose Release "Stereopticon" Online

Gary Lucas & Jann Klose Release "Stereopticon" Online

Guitarist Gary Lucas and singer Jann Klose’s new album, Stereopticon is now out on Cosmic Trigger Records/The Orchard. This is a songwriter’s album, probably most at home with fans of AAA, indie, acoustic folk-pop/“urban Americana” music. Also active songwriters, Gary and Jann collaborated on songs over the past three years. Their friend Dan Beck, who has written ...


Ab Baars Trio & NY Guests: Invisible Blow

Read "Invisible Blow" reviewed by Vic Albani

Questa volta la mettiamo giù come un compitino e la scelta, in casi come questo, credetelo, è ovviamente ironica.

Per celebrare i venti anni di attività dello splendido trio di Ab Baars, sassofonista olandese più volte passato anche da queste colonne, il leader decise di festeggiare con un sostanzioso tour di concerti che ...


Eyebrow: Garden City

Read "Garden City" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Mention the idea of the “garden city" to the good people of Britain and the likeliest (polite) response will be “Welwyn" or perhaps “Letchworth." Bristol, home to Eyebrow, isn't such a settlement but Garden City is the name the duo has given to its fourth album release.

Pete Judge and Paul Wigens formed Eyebrow ...

Art Strike!

Read "Art Strike!" reviewed by Mark Corroto

"Would you support an art strike?" That's the question I've been asking musicians for the past few months. “Will you agree to stop writing and performing music for one year?" In 1990 the London artists Stewart Home and Mark Pawson proposed that all artists cease to “make, exhibit, distribute, sell, or discuss their work" for three ...


Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters: The Ordeal of Civility

Read "The Ordeal of Civility" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Gary Lucas è un chitarrista proteiforme che alterna progetti più sperimentali e etnici con album dove il rock torna prepotentemente a farla da padrone come in questo The Ordeal of Civility pubblicato dalla Knitting Factory Records, una etichetta che sembrava uscita dalla mappa e che invece torna a dare segnali di vitalità. La produzione è affidata a Jerry ...