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Eric Hofbauer's Five Agents: Book Of Water

Read "Book Of Water" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

This CD marks the beginning of an ambitious project for guitarist Eric Hofbauer, five connected recordings based on the Chinese philosophical construct of the Five Agents, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these recordings is to have a different instrumental lineup, but for this first one, Book Of Water, he uses an explosive jazz ...


Seth Meicht and the Big Sound Ensemble: Live in Philadelphia

Read "Live in Philadelphia" reviewed by John Sharpe

Philly tenor saxophonist Seth Meicht has created a crack little big band which combines nifty arrangements and adventurous expression in his Big Sound Ensemble. Meicht has largely passed under the critical radar since Illumine (CIMP, 2006), surfacing only for the occasional high profile gig in NYC, including the 2009 Vision Festival. This recording in front of ...


Seth Meicht Trio: Seth Meicht Trio

Read "Seth Meicht Trio" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La formazione del trio con contrabbasso e batteria è diventata una formula di presentazione per alcuni dei sassofonisti che incidono per la Cadence Jazz Records o la CIMP, le due etichette discografiche di Bob Rush. Non fa eccezione a questa regola il giovane sassofonista tenore Seth Meicht. Dopo una serie di incisioni con il fratello trombettista ...


Seth Meicht Quartet: Illumine

Read "Illumine" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dopo il disco Seth Meicht Trio prodotto dalla Cadence Jazz Records, il produttore Bob Rush ha invitato Meicht ad incidere con la stessa formazione per la sua altra etichetta, la CIMP. Il sassofonista ha preferito espandere il gruppo aggiungendo il giovane collega Matt Bauder. Due voci diverse, più legato alla tradizione di Coltrane e Rollins Meicht, ...


Seth Meicht: Trio & Illumine

Read "Seth Meicht: Trio & Illumine" reviewed by Donald Elfman

Seth Meicht Trio Cadence Jazz Records 2006 Seth Meicht Illumine CIMP 2006 Saxophonist Seth Meicht has understood the power of the great tenors - Coltrane, Rollins, Hawkins, ...


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