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Metastasio Jazz 2016

Read "Metastasio Jazz 2016" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Metastasio Jazz 2016
Varie sedi

Appuntamento tra i più prestigiosi e attesi della Toscana centrale, Metastasio Jazz anche quest'anno ha proposto un cartellone di tutto rispetto, affiancando agli spettacoli principali -quattro date nei lunedì di febbraio -anche Met Jazz Off, concerti e conferenze la domenica mattina, oltre a ...


Barry Guy: A Prophet is Not without Honour (Part 2)

Read "Barry Guy: A Prophet is Not without Honour (Part 2)" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Barry Guy has been the artistic director and main composer of the London Jazz Composers' Orchestra throughout its now forty-five year history. Recordings and performances since Ode in 1972 have been sporadic but those forty-five years have resulted in eleven albums (including one with Anthony Braxton) ...


Keith Tippett: Mujician Solo IV – Live in Piacenza

Read "Mujician Solo IV – Live in Piacenza" reviewed by Duncan Heining

From its opening notes, it is apparent that Keith Tippett's first solo recording in fifteen years is something very special indeed. Tippett has always been a player with a talent for musical pyrotechnics, cascades of notes--triplets, trills, mordants and arpeggios-colliding with mighty tone clusters. But equally, he has also been an artist of great emotional subtlety ...


A Madman’s Approach To Music And Why Can't Music Be Like A Tree?

Read "A Madman’s Approach To Music And Why Can't Music Be Like A Tree?" reviewed by Duncan Heining

"Art alone makes life possible." --Joseph Beuys.

The Glasgow Improvisers' Orchestra is unique. It's an over-used word, I know, but in this case fully justified. GIO are unique in so many ways--in the way they formed, the way they make decisions, in their make-up, how they work and most importantly how they sound. They ...


Jazzdor 2014

Read "Jazzdor 2014" reviewed by Vittorio Lo Conte

Ben ventiquattro concerti, dal 7 al 21 Novembre 2014 per la ventinovesima edizione del Jazzdor, festival tenuto a Strasburgo e dintorni, anche oltre il confine con la Gemania, come vedremo. Questa volta è stato dedicato alla figura del contrabbassista Jean Jacques Avenel, spesso protagonista.

Jazzdor si è oramai consolidato come uno dei più ...


Paul Giallorenzo's Git Go: Force Majeure

Read "Force Majeure" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Pur essendo assai attivo sulla scena di Chicago non solo come pianista e compositore per teatro, danza, cinema ma anche come promotore culturale e creatore di eventi, Paul Giallorenzo è figura poco nota al di fuori dei patri confini. Pianista che fonde in uno stile originale la lezione di Thelonious Monk con quella di Cecil Taylor, ...


Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton: Live at Maya Recordings Festival

Read "Live at Maya Recordings Festival" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Ci sono musicisti che indagano per tutta la loro vicenda artistica la stessa musica. Lo fanno con assoluta convinzione, concentrazione sugli obiettivi (estetici, tecnici, espressivi), con ampia varietà di dettagli e comunque all'interno di un quadro globale di sviluppo dove non mancano le sorprese, le digressioni, le smentite seppur coerenti. Forse i grandi artisti hanno sempre ...


Gunter Baby Sommer: Kommeno - A Threnody

Read "Gunter Baby Sommer: Kommeno - A Threnody" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Seventy years ago, the small village of Kommeno in Greece experienced a tragedy from which it has never really recovered. What happened there on August 16, 1943 was not unusual in the context of a war pursued by an enemy determined to stamp out all opposition. Other towns in Greece and its islands, such as Distomon ...


BAM: Bremen Art Music?

Read "BAM: Bremen Art Music?" reviewed by Francesco Martinelli

[Editor's Note: It's been quite a few years since Italian writer, music educator and general provocateur Francesco Martinelli last contributed to All About Jazz. Having recently returned home from Jazzahead! 2012 in Bremen, and with the current debates about the meaning, future and relevance of the word “jazz" fresh in his mind, Martinelli posits an alternate ...


Machine Mass Trio to Release "As Real As Thinking" (MoonJune)

Originally born as a side-project of douBt, this new trio led by Tony Bianco (on drums and loops) and Michel Delville (on guitar, bouzouki and live effects) also includes emerging Belgian talent Jordi Grognard on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute. As Real as Thinking is an amazing mix of fiery licks, catchy themes, telepathic rhythms, shamanic ...