Olive Branch or Pat Nip?

Patrick Burnette By

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After the "politicapocalypse" (Mike's coinage—ask him) of the previous episode, the boys decide to gently transition away from that minefield by looking at two artists more obliquely engaged with political discourse and two artists more or less removed from it entirely (by temperament and timing). To soothe Pat's scalded nerves, Mike brings a couple "cool" cats to the party, though by the end he agrees that one of them just might have been satirizing a certain mid-sixties obsession with Latin American rhythms. Mastodon, Trembling Bells, and disco-era Hank Crawford make up a truly eclectic pop matters segment.


  • Discussion of Eric Hofbauer's album Book of Fire (Creative Nation Music) 4:30
  • Discussion of Yazz Ahmed's album Polyhymnia (Ropeadope) 19:10
  • Discussion of Paul Desmond's album Take Ten (RCA) 32:00
  • Discussion of Bob Brookmeyer's album Live at Sandy's Jazz Revival (Gryphon) 46:00
  • Discussion of Bob Brookmeyer's album Trombone Jazz Samba (Verve) 1:01:47
  • Pop Matters 1:13:30


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