Patrick Burnette

Patrick is one half of the Jazz Bastard podcast.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2017-09-20

I love jazz because of its mix of art and popular music—it appeals to the ass and the intellect. I was first exposed to jazz when I picked saxophone as my instrument (so shiny; so many keys) and looked for music on it. As far as meeting musicians—Jimmie Smith yelled at me once for looking underwhelmed during his performance at Chicago's Jazz Showcase. On a happier note, I met Sophie Faught at the Chatterbox in Indianapolis and she was a fantastic guest on the podcast. The best show I ever attended was (recently) Tomeka Reid Quartet with Mary Halvorson at Chicago Jazz Festival 2015 or so. The first jazz record I bought idea. Miles' not so good "Man with the Horn" was an early purchase. I've bought over a hundred other albums by him since—almost all of them better than MWTH. My advice to new listeners—the brain is making new connections all the time—what seems impenetrable at first may turn out to be a favorite later. Be patient and have fun! I am half of the Jazz Bastard podcast—available at

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