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Guitarist, improviser, composer, conductor. Enzo Rocco has taken part in various groups since the early ‘90 also attendeding contemporary music, music for theatre and ballet, folk music, happenings and improvisations with poets and with painters. With his groups he has recorded a dozen of CDs (very well reviewed by the press all over the world) and he has played everywhere in Europe and often in Japan, Indonesia, Latin America, Northern Africa. Nowadays, after closing the eight-years experience of the Tubatrio - his own group with Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone/tuba/electronics) and Ettore Fioravanti (drums) - he leads his own amusing “bass-less” New Trio (bass clarinet, drums, guitar) as well as keeps travelling around the world with Carlo Actis Dato (the humoristic, crazy duo being born in 1997). Since Janyuary 2004 Rocco has been running a duo with the Scottish drummer Tom Bancroft (winner of the musicians of the year BBC3 Award 2006). The duo was born thanks to the suggestion of Roger Spence, Director of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, and regularly takes part in many important jazz festivals in UK (London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cheltenham, etc.). Regularly active in Latin America since 2000, in Argentina Rocco created the “Spaghetti Jazz Trio” with Rodrigo Dominguez on saxophones and Hernan Mandelman on drums (cd “Live in Buenos Aires”, 2012) and runs a duo with Pablo Ledesma (“Seis episodios en busca de autor”, 2010). He was also responsible of the Italian Song Project, born by a commission of the Italian Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires and dedicated to the arrangement of the most famous Italian songs. He has been a regular partner of some important English improvisers, above all pianist Veryan Weston (cd “London Gigs”, 2000 ) and during a ten years friendship he played several gigs with the incomparable Lol Coxhill ("Fine Tuning", 2009). In France in 2006 he led a trio with Frédéric Monino (bass) and Bruno Tocanne (drums) purchased by the “Cri du Port” of Marseille, whilst in 2011 he was invited to take part in some concerts in duo with Barre Phillips (Montpellier, Agde). He collaborated in Italy with Peter Kowald, in Belgium with André Goudbeek, and partecipated to the Italian conductions of Butch Morris. Definitely he regularly meets a lot of musicians around the world. He often visits Japan and collaborates with the Italian Cultural Institutes around the world. Since 1997 he has been more and more involved – concerts, workshops, meetings – in his personal concept of collective conducted improvisation called “comprovisation”, nowadays open to dancers and videoartits too.

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In Pictures

Mistaken Standards Trio at CremArena

Read "Mistaken Standards Trio at CremArena" reviewed by Danilo Codazzi

Photos of the Mistaken Standards Trio at Cremarena, in Crema, Italy, on 18 July 2020 as part of the Cultura Crema Estate 2020 Festival. The Mistaken Standards Trio features Enzo Rocco on guitar, Tito Mangialajo Rantzer on bass and Ferdinando Faraò on drums. ...

Album Review

Enzo Rocco, Ferdinando Faraò: Fields

Read "Fields" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Enzo Rocco e Ferdinando Faraò sono due musicisti che si muovono spesso in molteplici contesti musicali, ma che hanno sempre di mira la sperimentazione e sono accomunati da un forte interesse per l'improvvisazione più libera--testimoniata dalle collaborazioni di Rocco con personalità del calibro di Giancarlo Schiaffini e Lol Coxhill e dall'impegno profuso da Faraò nell'Artchipel Orchestra. Come ci si poteva aspettare i due s'incontrano qui per produrre una musica estemporanea, senza schemi precostituiti. Fields raccoglie cinquanta minuti degli ...


Things We Like: Enzo Rocco Mistaken Standards Trio

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Cantina del Teatro Soresina 29.10.2015 Mistaken Standards è il nome del trio che ha debuttato presso la Cantina del Teatro di Soresina nell'ambito della programmazione invernale allestita dall'associazione White Bird. Ma di sbagliato non c'è davvero nulla nella proposta musicale che Enzo Rocco alla chitarra, Tito Mangialajo Rantzer al contrabbasso e Ferdinando Faraò alla batteria hanno presentato ad un pubblico numerosissimo, particolarmente attento e partecipe. Gli standard certo sono il punto ...

Live Review

Enzo Rocco New Trio

Read "Enzo Rocco New Trio" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Clusone Jazz 2014 Darfo/Boario Terme 18.07.2014 Mettete insieme tre maestri dei rispettivi strumenti come il chitarrista Enzo Rocco, il batterista Cristiano Calcagnile, il clarinettista Simone Mauri, accomunati dallo stesso spirito iconoclasta, da una curiosità senza limiti, dal piacere contagiosamente esibito del suonare insieme, dal giusto tocco di autoironia e probabilmente ne uscirà qualcosa di perlomeno interessante. Il concerto tenuto a Darfo Boario per il Clusone Jazz Festival 2014 dal New Trio di Enzo Rocco ...

Album Review

Enzo Rocco with Giancarlo Schiaffini & Ettore Fioravanti: Tubatrios Revenge

Read "Tubatrios Revenge" reviewed by Eric J. Iannelli

The debate over “What is jazz?" is as subject to changing collective tastes and individual preference as the age-old question “What is art?" We may never reach an answer that satisfies everyone. Hence the nature of the argument. But even proponents of the most liberal definition of the word will have to concede that labeling something a “jazz" album inevitably brings with it certain connotations. And when Tubatrio's Revenge is placed in the hands of the local ...

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“Jazz = funky/neapolitan/electronic/blues mixed with verdi’s/heavy metal/opera mixed with russian/yodel/waltz of santo domingo mixed with an hard japanese noise- lullaby sang by an italian romantic crooner…” “Enzo Rocco continues his untiring comparison all over the world with that musicians like him interested in the research of new languages mixing, in the name of the jazz, a lot of different influences…always seasoned with that theatrical, ironic, humoristic approach which is the natural way Rocco runs his idea of jazz.” “Jazz and irony, world music and amusement, dance and improvisation: the music of the "wacky Italian" guitarist Enzo Rocco is a mix of contemporary jazz, free improvisation and folk music from all around the world always dressed with that generous amount of sense of theatre that always make so tasty his shows”.



Recordings: As Leader | As Sideperson

Nine Improvisations...

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Setola di Maiale


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