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Event Alert! Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 8 pm at the Roulette. Special guests include Matthew Shipp, Fung Chern Hwei, George Spanos' Quartet, Lola Danza "Korean Shaman Rites" and Ben: Myrrha's Red Book Act II will perform their latest works.

About Lola Danza:
Exquisite, Unique, Extraordinary, Honest and Passionate are the ways to describe Lola Danza as a vocalist and composer. Ms. Danza's music is innovative and the result is the creation of a new idiom in music. She infuses beautiful flowing melodies and creative improvised lines with effortless mastery. With her four-octave range and vast array of vocal technique, Ms. Danza's voice is rich, full and resonate. Lola's music reveals a special connection to her soul that cultivates mutual inspiration between the musicians and enchants the audience. Lola's music and compositions encompass myriad musical styles that span the world: from Asia to Latin America and including the influences of classical, jazz, contemporary American, gypsy, folk, and Flamenco music. Written with intensity and honesty, the songs are spiritual, her lyrics sheer poetry filled with insight that everyone can relate to and understand. The music evokes images of impressionistic and abstract paintings rich in texture and colour. Lola has a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music where she attended on Scholarship. Ms. Danza also holds a Masters degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music at CUNY Queens College.

Years ago, after graduating from Berklee College of Music I started a record label—what started off as a label only to release my music has turned into a record label that has released over 100 collectively, plus musicians' works. When I started this label it was due to my sheer stubbornness of releasing music with full control over artistic vision and integrity—Compromising was not an option. Years later a musician coalition came into fruition—like-minded individuals who would also not compromise their artistic vision. I am thrilled to announce the first of many to come—Evolver Fest!


Teachers and/or influences?
The artists that we work with and the artists that we look forward to working with influence Evolver Record's vision and philosophy. Evolver listens to what artists have to say, their needs, wants, ideas, and philosophies and this shapes the way Evolver works. We want musicians to trust that their music, artistry, and vision will be honored and protected on Evolver and that our relationship—musician to label—label to musician—will also be honored and protected in business as well. Evolver is a musician-engineered label. We also look to the veterans/icons for advice and mentoring like John Zorn—how he runs Tzadik, etc.

I knew I wanted to be a musician when...
I knew I wanted to be a musician at age 4 or 5. I think as artists we are "called." I believe we don't choose it—"it" chooses us. It's like being called to be a priest, a monk, etc. As I grew into my artistry and started working as a singer and composer, I started to excited not only about my own personal musical projects but also by other musicians' projects. And of course, by supporting other musicians' works—it's helped me grow in my own musicianship and artistry, as I've learned so much from each and every artist that is on Evolver Records. Every time I sit down with an artist and we discuss their next project that we're taking into the studio—I am always amazed at how differently everyone approaches their project—their way of working and creating. It's inspiring. It inspires me to be a better musician and it inspires me to continue to grow Evolver into a great label.

Your sound and approach to music:
Evolver is really lucky—we pride ourselves in having a great recording, mix and mastered sound—due to our incredible engineer James Dellatacoma. James is not only a great engineer—he's also an amazing guitarist, bassist and electronic programmer. He and I are also musical partners and have worked on some collaborate albums together that will be released shortly. I was fortunate to have been introduced to James by Bill Laswell as he is Bill Laswell's engineer as well. James engineers all our albums at Orange Studio in NJ. And when you listen to our discography you can hear the high quality in engineering—and it's caused Evolver to have it's own sound. And that's what I love about Evolver and take pride in is that the quality of the recording is superb. Musicians want to be on Evolver because they know they are going to get the highest grade in recording quality out there. And consumers can trust that when they order an album off of EvolverRecords.com they are going to receive a quality product.

Your dream band:
Evolver wants to work with artists who believe in changing the world through music. Who love music not for what it can give them but for what they can give to it. We at Evolver—we believe in art, we believe in musicians and we believe that art shapes culture. We have a social responsibility to produce great art and distribute that art into the world. And we want to work with artists who believe!

Road story
My favorite road story is when we were on the way to a gig in MA at a venue on the beach, we were stuck in traffic on the way there, then the drummer's car breaks down, so we all pile into my car, we finally get there—we're playing outside, two seagulls poop—one on the drummer, who's head is shaved and the other on the keyboard's wrist. The bassist and I were fortunately spared. We are on break and go inside the venue and who is bartending—Whoopi Goldberg.

Your favorite recording in your discography and why?
My favorite recording in my personal discography is my collaborative album with Fung Chern Hwei and James Dellatacome that will be released soon Album No. 9. However all the albums on Evolver Records are my favorite albums—what can I say I am biased.

What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically?
Evolver is cataloguing great musicians works and releasing it into the world, that is our major contribution. We are providing a fair and equitable platform so that musicians can do what they do best—release great music and trust that the label is working with them, not against them. Evolver is releasing cutting edge artists and believes in innovation. Lola Danza: My personal contribution is my ability to just "let go" and allow the music to work through me—I am just its vessel. I am using the voice in a different form than the usual singer. My compositions and ideas come from my experiences in daily life. I am not a singer that just "sings songs"—I am a singer that innovates and explores. That is my contribution to Evolver as well as to music.

What are some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing?
I think by starting labels and releasing music by new and young artists—this keeps jazz alive. This keeps Jazz evolving and growing.

What is in the near future?
The Evolver Fest is on October 7th 2015 at 8pm at Roulette Stop out for a great event. We will also release three new albums within the next month by CloudZero, Nadu, and Ben Stapp. We are also signing some really great new artists. Stay tuned!

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