Jonathan Kreisberg: A Spirit Captured in Constant Motion

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AAJ: Could you elaborate on what your compositional process looks like exactly and which roles your collaborators play in that regard?

JK: I come in with new music and I probably bring a little more direction than some band leaders. To a certain extent I choose the guys in the band because I already hear what they do in my head and have specific ideas I want to run by them. That being said, when you're a composer in jazz it's always important to let there be an openness for the other musicians to explore the ideas in their own way and integrate their own thoughts into the process. You have to be careful about not overdoing the direction, because you don't want to stop possible magic from happening. You don't want to kill off an idea, just because it differs from what you had in mind. Usually, the musicians I like playing with the most are open to try new things, but at the same time if they feel something strongly, they'll let me know. That's something I really appreciate. I'm specifically thinking of the new track off of Capturing Spirits, "Relativity": Colin came at it with a more aggressive approach than what I'd originally intended. There was a moment where I could have steered away from that, but I realized that there was something that might be even better that I hadn't heard in my head. it's important to be ready to flow when it comes to that kind of stuff. In the end, the important thing is to put the music first and take the ego out of the equation. That's when the best music is born.

AAJ: You've been taking this music on tour and will continue to do so throughout 2020?

JK: Yes, there will be dates with JKQ as well as the Kreisberg Meets Veras project in the States, in Asia and Europe as well. Really hope to see my old and new friends out there soon!

AAJ: Thank you for your time and for being so thorough. It's been great talking to you!

JK: Thank you for being interested in my work!

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