Muffy Styler

Muffy Styler

Musicians | Instrument: Vocals | Location: New York City

Jenny Lee aka Muffy Styler, lead singer who's also the clarinetist and seasoned professional clown is in character throughout as a blonde gangster's moll, scats Charlie Parker's "Ornithology" as the instrumental break on How High The Moon and on clarinet she often doubles guitar and keyboard on fast bebop lines.

—Penelope Thomas, Bistro Awards

Updated: November 21, 2023

Born: May 1, 1973

Jenny Lee Mitchell aka Muffy Styler began singing as a teenager and first concentrated on classical opera technique studying first in her hometown of New York City and then in Germany where she studied with a soloist at the State Opera of Bavaria. After 5 years of private study Jenny lived in Germany, Austria and Switzerland while performing in operetta and musical theater all across Europe for another 15 years, during which time she made the transition to singing jazz which started early on but really began to take shape once she moved back to the States and began playing clarinet as well. Her early influences were Sarah Vaughan and Anita O'Day. Her first solo jazz performances were in Munich and Stuttgart. Jenny, having created various solo shows taking on a specific persona, created the character Muffy Styler for The Slipper Room and became her jazz persona. She only plays and performs as Muffy. Muffy is inspired by various singers and comedians from old Hollywood and TV variety shows as well as mid century bebop and cool jazz. Jenny plays in various bands around NYC including The Jazz Bastards (nominated for a MAC award), and with guitarist John Cohn for Shearwater Classic Schooners, sponsored by The Jazz Generation and Keyed Up. She currently studies vocals with Barbara Maier Gustern and clarinet with Richard Philbin of the midtown jazz workshop.


Nominated for a MAC Award. Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs.


"Jenny Lee Mitchell, who’s also the clarinetist, and seasoned professional clown... in-character throughout as a blonde gangster’s moll, scats Charlie Parker’s “Ornithology” as the instrumental break on “How High the Moon” (Morgan Lewis, Nancy Hamilton), and on clarinet she often doubles guitar or keyboards on fast bebop lines.....A rambunctious set unfolds in no particular order, and in the midst of the neo-vaudeville kitsch you realize these people can really play." —Penelope Thomas, Bistro Awards "Smart and theatrically savvy" —Stephen Holden, NYTimes



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