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Michael Hudson-Casanova

Originally from Metro-Detroit, Michigan, Michael Hudson-Casanova grew up studying with some of the most in- demand performers in the Detroit area. He holds degrees from Western Michigan University and Temple University in jazz studies and music education. He has lived in Philadelphia, PA since 2017 and is a part of the jazz and creative music scenes of the tri-state area. MHC has had the pleasure of studying saxophone and composition with Dick Oatts, Andrew Rathbun, Ben Schachter, Edward Simon, David Binney and Norman David. MHC’s performance resume shows his experience in small and large jazz ensembles, theatre productions, symphonic wind ensembles and commercial music settings


Elizabeth Millar

Elizabeth Millar is an experimental musician, sound-artist and clarinetist, based in Montreal since 2009. Engaging with sound, noise, free improvisation and self-made instrument building, her creative practice explores the merging of acoustic and electronic textures using amplification and extended techniques. Active locally, nationally and internationally she has performed throughout Canada and in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico. Alongside her solo work, she is also one member of Sound of the Mountain, an amplified clarinet and trumpet duo with Craig Pedersen

Kristen Mather de Andrade

Kristen Mather de Andrade is an artist whose well-honed skill at interpretation brings freshness and delight to a broad range of repertoire and musical styles, from classical, to world music, contemporary folk and beyond. Equally devoted to interpreting the rich repertoire of traditional composers and to bringing the colorful dimensions of the clarinet and her bright and versatile singing voice to undiscovered frontiers, Mather de Andrade has always sought compelling ways to dive into the modern musical landscape. Her flair for telling vibrant stories through melody, harmony and multiple languages brings energy to classical, folk, and contemporary works from around the globe


Tito Martino

Tito Martino (*1937), Brazilian born clarinetist and saxophonist plays enthusiastically since 1957, in the tradition of Johnny Dodds, Sidney Bechet, Albert Nicholas, Omer Simeon, George Lewis. He recorded 8 LPs and 5 CDs. Tito talked to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and jammed with Teddy Wilson, Oscar Peterson (that was fortunately recorded), Wally Rose, Bob Wilber, Bob Haggart, Louis Nelson, Alvin Alcorn, Louis Barbarin, Louis Cottrell Jr. and other big names of Jazz. In 1974 Tito Martino managed to take his Band to the USA, to play some gigs in New Orleans, N.York, New Jersey, Miami and Tucson Arizona


Charlie Watkins

Charlie Watkins is a jazz clarinettist and saxophonist, based in London, England. He is currently studying on the Jazz Course at the Guildhall School Of Music And Drama. Most of Charlie’s output is via his own groups, ranging from trio to sextet. At the heart of his musical concept is a passion for removing the traditional stigma around jazz clarinet, and helping it make a return to contemporary jazz. He is strongly influenced by other modern jazz clarinettists, especially drawing on the styles of Anat Cohen, Wacław Zimpel and Don Byron, all of whom have helped him develop an original voice of his own



  Murray Middleman grew up in a musical family, exposed to the dynamic rhythms of swing and big band through his father's professional dance band in Philadelphia. At the tender age of 10, he was sitting in and playing with the band, and he was hooked! Murray has studied classical clarinet and saxophone since childhood. He learned jazz theory and improvisation with Jimmy Amadee, Woody Herman's composer and Vince Trombetta, saxophonist with The Mike Douglas Show. He also studied classical clarinet with Donald Montanaro, clarinetist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. By 14, Murray had organized his own jazz group, performing his original jazz compositions on PBS television. After graduating from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Murray freelanced on the east coast


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